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Easter Holiday Driving Tips

28th March 2015

If you're making the most of the arrival of spring, and planning a road trip for the first long weekend of 2015, we want you to enjoy the journey as well as the break. Take a look at the following simple car checks and let us help you to enjoy the drive and avoid a breakdown this Easter Bank Holiday.


Before you set off

Service History: Is your car service history up to date? Many people don't notice a missed interim service, but they really do help to prevent future car problems. Especially before long journeys, or journeys where you're likely to get stuck in traffic.

Load: Make sure never to overload your vehicle beyond its designed carrying capacity. Alongside this, you should make sure you adjust your tyre pressure based on the load of your vehicle. You can find details of what your tyre pressure should be based on the load of your vehicle, in your vehicle handbook.

Tyre condition: Check the condition of your tyres by giving them a visual check. Remember the spare too. You should make sure the tread depth is legal - the current minimum legal tread depth for cars and light commercial vehicles is 1.6mm. Find out more about tyre safety and how you should check your tyres before a journey here.

Just in case you do have a tyre crisis, make sure that your jack and wheel brace are in correct working order. If locking wheel nuts are fitted also ensure the locking key is stored safely in the vehicle. It may be useful to practice changing the spare wheel, especially if you have never done it before.

Wipers: Check your wiper blades for wear or splitting and also check the windscreen for any damage such as chips or cracks. Top up your washer fluid with a good quality cleaning solution and ensure your washer jets are adjusted correctly.

Fluids: Before you leave make sure your oil level is healthy and you have plenty of coolant. You can find details on these fluid levels in your vehicle handbook. An engine starved of oil or an overheating car is guaranteed to cause problems once you've hit the road.

Lights: Check all the exterior lights and dashboard warning lights are working correctly in your vehicle. If you are taking a trailer or caravan, make sure all those lights are all working correctly too.


Check the weather

As much as we'd like to think spring is well and truly here, the Great British weather is always guaranteed to surprise. Beware of areas likely to flood on your travels. Flash floods can be common as a result of April showers so pack waterproofs and some warmer clothing just in case.

Remember never to drive through flood water. The depth of standing water can never be determined. If you do take the chance and your engine takes in water, it can cause engine failure.

If you have any concerns about the condition of your vehicle or tyres, call into your nearest Merityre Specialists branch for expert advice. Find your local centre here, and travel this Easter weekend knowing your vehicle is as safe and sound as can be.