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Cooper Tyres are experts in the design and manufacture of high-performance replacement car and van tyres as well as specialist ultra-high performance tyres for the racing profession.

The company began in 1914, when brothers in Law John Schaefer and Claude Hart formed the M and M manufacturing company. Within 50 years their company had made several mergers and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange as Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. Today Cooper boasts an expanding presence in the Chinese, Indian and Russian Markets and supply ultra high performance tyres to leading motorsports teams.

We provide a Tyre Warranty on the Cooper Zeon CS Sport, Cooper Zeon 2XS, Cooper Zeon 4XS, Cooper Zeon CS6, Cooper Zeon XTC, Cooper CS2, Cooper 4XS Sport and Cooper CS8 tyres. The Tyre Warranty provides Accidental Damage Cover and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee subject to terms and conditions.

Summer Car Tyres

Cooper Zeon CS Sport - Ultra High Performance Tyre for Driving Enthusiasts

Ideal for dynamic drivers, the Cooper Zeon CS Sport achieves superb handling performance and excellent braking capabilities. This tyre provides safety in wet conditions and was awarded an ‘A’, in some sizes, for ‘Wet Grip’ by the EU Tyre Label.

  • Constructed with a 0° spiral restrictor this tyre achieves excellent high speed performance

  • Superior traction in wet and dry conditions

  • Optimally distributes pressure for balanced tread wear

  • Protected by the Cooper Tyre Warranty, you will be provided with Accidental Damage Cover and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, subject to terms and conditions.

Cooper Zeon CS8 - High Performance Tyre with Best Combination of Execution, Safety and Excellent Aquaplaning Resistance

The Cooper Zeon CS8 is an excellent tyre for all summer weather conditions. Thanks to a high dispersion silica tread, this tyre achieves superb handling characteristics and high levels of traction on dry roads.

  • Awarded an ‘A’ for ‘Wet Grip’ in some sizes by the EU Tyre Label

  • Low tyre noise for comfortable drive

  • Functional rim flange protectors resist damage for long tyre life

Cooper CS7 - Ideal for the Typical Compact Car. Cooper’s Quietest Running Tyre

Constructed to achieve low rolling resistance, the Cooper CS7 provides a more environmentally friendly performance and high levels of economy. Designed with an optimised tread profile which delivers an even footprint, pressure is evenly distributed to promote long tyre life.

  • Reduced tyre noise for comfortable driving

  • Constructed to absorb energy for good rolling resistance

  • Enhanced performance in wet and dry summer conditions

Cooper CS2 - Specifically Designed as a Modern Tread Pattern for Everyday Use

The Cooper CS2 delivers excellent stability for precise handling ideal for day to day driving. Constructed with a specialist tread pattern design, this tyre works to suppress tyre noise for a quiet and comfortable driving experience.

  • Enhanced performance in wet and dry summer conditions

  • Great accelerating, braking and steering capabilities

  • Optimised for long tyre life thanks to specialist tread compound

  • Protected by the Cooper Tyre Warranty, you will be provided with Accidental Damage Cover and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, subject to terms and conditions.

Summer 4x4 Tyres

Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport - Outstanding Wet Grip Designed Specifically for Performance CUVs and SUVs

The Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport provides excellent wet weather capabilities to achieve enhanced safety when it rains. This tyre was awarded an ‘A’, in some sizes, for ‘Wet Grip’ by the EU Tyre Label. In addition, the Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport delivers enhanced gripping capabilities for shorter braking distances.

  • Asymmetric tread pattern works to evacuate water for enhanced aquaplaning resistance

  • Improved handling performance thanks to 3D Micro-Gauge Siping

  • Rim flange protectors provide resistance from driving damage

Cooper A/T³ Sport - Excellent All-Terrain Performance with Improved Treadwear and Traction On and Off-Road

Designed with an aggressive 5-rib all-terrain tread pattern, the Cooper A/T³ achieves high levels of handling and stability whatever the terrain. This tyre also provides an enhanced wet weather performance thanks to wide circumferential grooves which work to evacuate water for high levels of resistance against aquaplaning.

  • Coupled tread elements achieve high levels of stability

  • Reduced stone retention

  • Premium appearance thanks to specialist ventless technology

Cooper Tires are a US based company that has been producing tyres since 1917. Cooper Tires is the seventh largest tyre producer in the world.

For technical information on Cooper please visit the manufacturer's website www.coopertire.co.uk

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