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Dunlop is responsible for producing one of the most extensive ranges of tyres available in today’s market. As a result of the company’s focus on innovative design, Dunlop has grown to be one the world's best known and respected tyre brands. This sets Dunlop apart from other tyre manufacturers, their advanced touch technologies help deliver a perfect driving experience whatever the weather conditions. Consistently at the cutting edge of tyre technology, Dunlop tyres are fitted as standard by many of the world's leading car manufacturers, including: Audi, BMW, Lexus and Honda.

Summer Car Tyres

Sport Maxx RT 2

A champion in grip and steering precision

Providing enhanced cornering grip and increased steering precision, the Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 2 is an ideal high performance tyre choice for dynamic drivers. Designed with specialist power braking blocks, which maintain high stiffness when the brakes are applied, this tyre works to retain optimal contact with the road when braking. This ensures that the tyre retains shape and results in shorter braking distances at high speeds for optimal safety and performance.

The Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 2 provides enhanced cornering grip on wet and dry surfaces thanks to its flatter tread profile and an optimal level of rubber to road contact. In addition, its asymmetric tread design works to enhance stability and precision on wet and dry surfaces.

  • Reduced diameter and coating enables the tyre to be closer to the road for increased feedback and steering precision
  • Specialist groove arrangement works to enhance aquaplaning resistance
  • A dual silica compound improves acceleration performance and promotes low wear and tear

SportMaxx Race

Exceptional dry grip – on and off the track

A summer tyre designed to maximise your track performance, the SportMaxx Race is the best fit for high performance vehicles and dynamic drivers. Derived from Dunlop Motorsports technology, this tyre has been constructed using a high grip racing compound which offers exceptional levels of road adherence and braking ability.

Thanks to a hybrid overlay, the SportMaxx Race delivers precise steering and handling stability. This is because this overlay limits tyre distortion at high speeds and it is this maintenance of tyre shape which helps the tyre to remain stable. The SportMaxx Race also offers an enhanced cornering grip due to high angle ribs which increase lateral stiffness and result in improved control.

  • High grip racing compound offers superb levels of dry grip and high braking performance
  • Hybrid overlay enhances steering and stability
  • High angle ribs and massive outer shoulder blocks result in an enhanced cornering grip
  • Asymmetric tread design helps to reduce the risk of aquaplaning

SP Sport Maxx GT

An ultra high performance tyre for outstanding dry handling and high speed stability.

Designed directly around Dunlop’s innovative Touch Technology®, the SP Sport Maxx GT tyre delivers superb handling. The asymmetric tread ensures precise steering and stability, keeping you in control with outstanding road feedback. The optimised tread pattern and a flatter profile translate to the tightest connection to the road, while the reduced land to sea area gives more precise steering and stability.

The new Hybrid Overlay Bandage (HOB) helps limit tyre distortion, even under high-speed conditions. The Multi Radius Tread Technology creates a smoother transition between tyre shapes as they change for straights and bends. The advanced carbon black compound increases dry grip.

  • Touch Technology® for exciting, responsive performance
  • Latest asymmetric tread design for unparalleled steering and stability
  • Ultimate cornering and handling

SP Sport 2000/2000e

Enhanced handling for dynamic drivers

The SP Sport 2000/2000e offers an exceptional driving experience for high performance vehicles. This tyre can perform in all summer conditions, excelling in wet weather. This is due to its tread pattern which features a large number of tread blocks which create a hydro evacuation channel. This allows for the rapid dispersal of water from the tyre and reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

Built using Dunlop’s new Hybrid Overlay Technology, this tyre greatly reduces tyre distortion and improves road feedback. This feature further benefits the SP Sport 2000/2000e as it results in excellent high speed stability, smooth wear and a longer tread life. It is also equipped with a profile of rubber running around the circumference of the tyre above the flange which helps to protect alloy wheels from kerbing damage.

  • Large number of tread blocks allows for the rapid evacuation of water and resistance to aquaplaning
  • New Hybrid Overlay Technology reduces tyre distortion and improves road feedback
  • Added profile of rubber helps to protect wheels against kerbing damage
  • Exceptional price to performance ratio

SP Sport BluResponse

Exceptional grip for high performance vehicles

Developed from Dunlop’s work in the motorsports industry, the SP Sport BluResponse offers excellence for dynamic drivers. Constructed with a polymer compound, this tyre can offer better grip and handling on wet roads and combined with an innovative tread pattern, it can also evacuate water rapidly and offer a reduced risk of aquaplaning. The SP Sport BluResponse also features extra-stiff blocks in the tread. These are designed for high performance driving and increase road contact under braking force, ultimately reducing braking distances on wet and dry roads.

Thanks to its aerodynamic shape, the SP Sport BluResponse offers low rolling resistance which results in substantial fuel savings every year. This tyre is recognised as one of the leaders when it comes to summer tyres, as it has been awarded numerous recognitions. Auto Express, for example, named the tyre a ‘Best Buy’ of 2014, stating that it offered a ‘winning performance in all conditions.’

  • Asymmetric tread design provides improved handling and aquaplaning resistance
  • Extra-stiff blocks work to reduce braking distances on wet and dry surfaces
  • Multi radius tread results in high pressure deployment meaning that cornering control is enhanced
  • The aerodynamic shape of the tyre combined with a low-heat compound results in fuel-saving

StreetResponse 2

Enhanced wet and dry performance for city cars

This tyre has been designed to cope with all summer conditions in more urban environments. Thanks to wide circumferential grooves in the tread, the StreetResponse 2 offers shorter braking distances on both wet and dry roads. This tyre also offers enhanced aquaplaning resistance due to multiple lateral grooves within the tread pattern which enables the rapid evacuation of water.

The StreetResponse 2 is a part of a new generation of Dunlop tyres which feature a flatter tread profile with a larger contact patch than previous Dunlop tyres. This delivers more stability and enhanced road feedback which allows tyres to respond quickly and precisely. This tyre has been optimised for urban driving and therefore has been developed to offer increased fuel economy.

  • Wide circumferential grooves result in shorter braking distances
  • Multiple lateral grooves in the tread help to rapidly evacuate water and this offers greater resistance against aquaplaning
  • A larger contact patch enhances steering precision and road feedback
  • Greater fuel economy

SportMaxx RT

Motorsports grip for a dynamic driving experience

Chosen by leading manufacturers including Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Renault as the factory fitted tyre for certain models, this tyre is recognised for its superior driving experience. Designed with innovative adaptive compound technology, the SportMaxx RT delivers superb wet and dry grip as the polymers in the tyre are able to adapt the textures of the road, maximising road contact and increasing grip. Furthermore, thanks to its lightweight construction developed to reduce rolling resistance, fuel consumption is lowered, making the SportMaxx RT more economical and environmentally friendly.

Thanks to innovatively designed shoulder blocks, the SportMaxx RT is able to deliver enhanced handling properties, including shorter braking distances and enhanced cornering control. A flatter tread profile further benefits the SportMaxx RT as it helps to increases stability and thus enables tyres to respond quickly and precisely.

  • Adaptive compound technology means maximum road contact which results in exceptional grip capabilities
  • Massive outer shoulder blocks help to enhance cornering control
  • Extra stiff blocks allow for shorter braking at motorway speeds
  • Lightweight construction allows for increased energy efficiency

SP Sport FastResponse

Outstanding response and control for improved wet grip and rolling resistance. The SP Sport FastResponse picks up information about the road and car and transmits it to the driver faster than ever before. Dunlop Touch Technology® delivers subtle and precise road feedback for improved control. This acceleration of road feedback means the driver can respond accordingly and experience a more exhilarating drive.

  • Kevlar® Apex for improved driving precision
  • Advance tread compound to improve wet grip and wear balance
  • Tread pattern optimised for aquaplaning resistance for high steering precision and cornering

SP Sport Maxx TT

A premium tyre that brings performance to a higher level with extreme driving precision.

Combining the most innovative materials with the latest Touch Technology features, the new Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT is a premium tyre specially designed to bring performance to a higher level. The combination of Kevlar® apex construction, nanoparticles and the different Touch Technology features as: MRT, Flatter Tread Profile, asymmetric tread design and a specific bead seat system, allows drivers to get more precise driving and ultimately the most of their driving experience. Kevlar® created by DuPont, is the most popular product name of aramid fibre. The quality of this fibre is that it is strong and heat resistant. It is therefore used in high tech applications where an extraordinary ratio between strength, weight and high temperature resistance is required. With an innovative technical construction, Kevlar® fibre has been added to the apex compound. Being arranged in a multidirectional manner, the reinforcement works in both longitudinal and lateral directions, leading to improved driving precision.

  • Multi Radius Tread Technology for significantly better control
  • Touch Technology® for a total driving experience
  • Kevlar® Apex for improved driving precision

SP StreetResponse

Pininfarina design delivering superior dry handling without compromising on wet and rolling resistance.

Dunlop is proud to announce the launch of the SP StreetResponse summer tyre featuring Dunlop’s renowned Touch Technology. The SP StreetResponse has been specifically developed to offer driving enthusiasts of small city cars superior dry handling without compromising on wet performance or rolling resistance. The new Dunlop SP StreetResponse is the first standard tyre featuring Touch Technology. Touch Technology for superior dry handling.

Dunlop’s Touch Technology combines a number of sophisticated tyre technologies such as Multi Radius Tread Technology (MRT), a specific bead seat system, a flatter tread profile and an asymmetrical tread design with a variable land to sea ratio. These technology features ensure better road feedback, better steering precision and cornering stability, as well as enhanced grip on dry road surfaces. This ensures driving enthusiasts get the superior dry handling performance they have always wanted in a summer tyre.

  • Touch Technology® for superior dry handling performance
  • Optimised tread design for improved wet handling
  • Strengthened polymers for reduced rolling resistance


High mileage and fuel efficiency for economical driving

Designed to deliver lower ownership costs, the Dunlop Econodrive provides superior durability and long tyre life for excellent economy. Built with a stiff and durable tyre carcass and reinforced tyre sidewalls, the Dunlop Econodrive is optimised to resist tyre damage as well as regular wear and tear for a long tyre life.

The Dunlop Econodrive offers superior fuel economy thanks to its specialist long wearing compound which features carbon particles that work to lower rolling resistance for a more energy efficient performance.

  • Specialist four-rib tread pattern delivers excellent performance on wet roads
  • Deep central grooves and an open shoulder work to rapidly evacuate water from the tyre for enhanced resistance against aquaplaning
  • Optimised tyre stiffness enhances cornering and braking performance

Enasave 2030

Enjoy improved economy and all round performance

Designed with energy saving in mind, the Enasave 2030 provides excellent performance in all summer weather conditions whilst retaining its position as one of the most economical tyres on the market. This tyre has been specifically developed by Dunlop to reduce the amount of energy used, which is why its compound delivers improved rolling resistance. In turn, this helps the Enasave 2030 to save energy and fuel.

Due to an innovative tread pattern featuring large central grooves, the Enasave 2030 delivers excellent grip during cornering by providing a large contact patch which helps the tyre to have constant contact with the road. Furthermore, this tread design helps to reduce the risk of aquaplaning and offers superior grip in wet conditions.

  • Energy efficiency is delivered through reduced rolling resistance
  • Large contact patch improves grip on wet and dry surfaces and cornering
  • Large central grooves improve wet performance and increases resistance against aquaplaning

SP Sport 01

A multi-talented tyre for mid class and luxury vehicles.

Selected as the factory-fitted model on a range of vehicles including Audi A3, Jaguar XF and BMW Mini, the SP Sport 01 is widely regarded as a leading summer tyre. Combining three key performance properties in its tread, the SP Sport 01 delivers excellence in a range of conditions. These properties include an asymmetric design which offers enhanced resistance to aquaplaning, a continuous centre rib which increases stability and precision and an asymmetric groove arrangement which enhances grip.

Thanks to the use of Dunlop’s innovative Specific Bead Seat System, the SP Sport 01 offers precise handling at high motorway speeds. This is because it strengthens the link between tyre and rim and allows the tyre to keep its shape at high speeds for precise steering control. This tyre has also been developed using a full silica compound ensuring high levels of grip and braking power in both wet and dry conditions.

  • Specifically designed tread results in an ideal balance of sporty handling, high aquaplaning resistance and smooth driving comfort
  • Full silica compound ensures high levels of grip and braking power
  • Specific Bead Seat System strengthens the link between tyre and rim for a more precise driving experience
  • Superior block design cancels out irritating frequencies and offers a quieter ride

SP Sport 9000

Responsive sports handling with maximum comfort. For high performance vehicles.

Designed to offer an exceptional performance for dynamic drivers, the SP Sport 9000 is an excellent summer tyre. Acceleration and braking is enhanced thanks to the innovative addition of a Silica Plus racing compound. This compound ensures that pressure is dispersed evenly across the tyre so that your car firmly grips the road. This tyre can also offer stability at high speeds due to its ability to maintain a tight link between tyre and rim. This allows precise control and steering response at motorway speeds resulting in a smooth ride.

The SP Sport 9000 offers superb handling, even on wet surfaces. Thanks to sharp directional grooves, this tyre can rapidly disperse water in heavy rain conditions. This contributes to its superior wet grip, which was awarded an ‘A’ rating by the EU Tyre Label.

  • Silica Plus compound delivers noticeable improvements in acceleration grip and braking ability
  • Sharp directional grooves offer enhanced wet performance
  • Specific Bead Seat System strengthens the link between tyre and rim for a more precise driving experience
  • RunOnFlat technology enables the tyre to maintain mobility after a complete loss of air pressure

SP SportMaxx GT 600

Exceptional levels of grip and handling for high performance sports cars

The Dunlop SP SportMaxx GT 600 is optimised to provide excellent driving comfort and precision handling for dynamic drivers. Designed with a specialist compound this tyre works to maintain flexibility and grip on wet surfaces for an impressive wet braking performance. Large shoulder blocks situated on the tread and continuous centre ribs deliver precision handling at speed.

Constructed with straight central grooves, the Dunlop SP SportMaxx GT 600 works to rapidly disperse water away from the tyre tread to provide high levels of resistance against aquaplaning. In addition, Dunlop’s specialist Jointless Band Technology enables the tyre to retain shape at high speed for maximum steering control.

  • Carbon particles in the compound help to ensure good dry gripping capabilities for improved braking and acceleration
  • Hybrid Overlay Technology enables this tyre to retain stability at speed
  • Dunlop RunOnFlat Technology allows for continued driving after a puncture or blowout for up to 80km

Sport Maxx 101

Premium high performance tyres for driving enthusiasts

The Sport Maxx 101 is a summer tyre designed for high performance vehicles. Developed using technology Dunlop usually reserve for motorsports tyres, the Sport Maxx 101 is the ideal tyre for the dynamic driver. Built using carbon black compound technology, this tyre offers an excellent performance when it comes to accelerating and braking.

Thanks to the specialist asymmetric tread and continuous centre rib, the Sport Maxx 101 works to hold a larger area of the tyre constantly in contact with the road. This large footprint which remains on the road's surface allows the tyre to deliver more responsive handling and stability whilst driving at high speeds. This tread design deliver further benefits as blocks on the tread reduce noise for a quieter ride.

  • Carbon black tread compound technology offers excellent acceleration and braking performance
  • Asymmetric tread block reduce noise for a quieter ride
  • Continuous centre rib enables a larger contact patch resulting in more responsive handling and stability at high speeds

SP Sport 2030

Quality performance and excellent handling for a dynamic driving experience

Developed as a summer tyre, the SP Sport 2030 offers great wet capabilities, precise handling and a comfortable ride. The tread pattern has been designed with wide, circumferential grooves with almost vertical walls which offers exceptional reassurance in the wet. This tread enables the SP Sport 2030 increased resistance against aquaplaning and enhanced braking capabilities on both wet and dry surfaces.

The SP Sport 2030 has been constructed with JointLess Band technology which helps to increase tread life and ultimately lengthen the life of the tyres. This also benefits the SP Sport 2030 as it delivers a superbly smooth and comfortable ride.

  • Wide circumferential grooves offer increased resistance against aquaplaning and improved braking
  • JointLess band technology increases the life of the tread
  • Triple tread radius helps to increase contact with the road for enhanced traction and control

SP Sport 300

Exceptional grip and enhanced road feedback for a smooth ride

Designed with a modern tread pattern, the SP Sport 300 ensures a quieter and more environmentally friendly drive. An innovative rubber compound offers very good wear resistance and a longer tread life, making the SP Sport 300 one of the most economical summer tyres on the market. A tight link between tyre and rim further benefits this tyre, as it allows the tyre greater contact with the road and results in exceptional steering precision.

New Hybrid Overlay Technology has been used in the construction of the SP Sport 300 and this innovative technology improves road feedback and reduces tyre distortion.

  • Modern tread design ensures smooth contact with the road and results in a quiet and comfortable drive
  • New rubber compound offers wear resistance and longer life
  • A tight link between tyre and rim increases steering precision and handling
  • New Hybrid Overlay Technology reduces tyre distortion and improves road feedback

SP Sport 3000/3000a

A premium tyre which meets the everyday needs of your family

The SP Sport 3000/3000a is a summer tyre you can rely on. Thanks to its construction using a silica based compound, this tyre delivers confident handling, grip and poise in both wet and dry conditions. The SP Sport 3000/3000a has been designed with a wide channelled tread design which enables the rapid evacuation of water and offers an increased resistance against aquaplaning.

As well as offering confidence in wet and dry conditions, this tyre delivers in the event of a puncture. This is because the SP Sport 3000/3000a has been developed using RunOnFlat technology, meaning that the tyre can maintain mobility following deflation. Designed specifically for quietness, comfort and serenity, this tyre offers a premium driving experience.

  • Silica tread compound enables excellent grip in all summer conditions
  • Wide channelled tread design allows for precise handling and aquaplaning security
  • Rim protection that protects wheels from kerbing damage
  • RunOnFlat technology enables the tyre to maintain mobility after a loss of air pressure

Winter Car Tyres

WinterSport 4D

Superb winter handling and grip for high performance cars.

Combining a unique tread design with high grip materials, the SP WinterSport 4D is designed to deliver optimal control on snow, ice, wet and dry surfaces. The unique tread design puts a high number of biting edges in contact with the road, giving you enhanced traction on snow and ice. Deep snow notches grab onto the surface, adding extra grip when accelerating, braking and hill climbing.

For days when roads are wet or thawing, the SP WinterSport 4D features directional grooves designed to evacuate water quickly and prevent aquaplaning. The high grip compound is optimised to deliver shorter braking distances on wet roads. With its lightweight construction and materials, the SP WinterSport 4D requires less energy to roll – which means lower fuel costs and CO2 emissions from your journeys.

  • Exceptional performance on winter roads
  • Enhanced snow and ice traction
  • Control and grip in wet conditions
  • Fuel efficient design

Winter Response 2

Confident braking and handling in tough conditions

TThis superior winter tyre answers the difficult demands of winter driving. Thanks to its innovative tread pattern featuring 45 degree shoulder sipes the Winter Response 2 offers excellent cornering grip on snow and better traction on slippery surfaces. This tyre is also reliable when it comes to braking, due to its unique Reverse Snowguide block pattern. This pattern captures snow in the centreline of the tyre, increasing the contact area and allowing for an enhanced braking grip.

High density sipes also benefit the Winter Response 2, as it gives the tyre more biting edges for improved wet weather braking and handling, as well as better traction. Due to the varying conditions that winter can bring, this tyre has been constructed with Dunlop’s multiple blade system. This means that different types of blades help the Winter Response 2 adapt to the current conditions offering consistent performance whatever the weather.

  • 45 degree shoulder sipes offer better traction and cornering on snow
  • Reverse Snowguide block pattern allows for reliable winter braking
  • High density sipes results in good wet weather handling
  • An optimised shape carcass means improved rolling resistance which results in better fuel economy

SP WinterSport 3D

A high performance tyre for unpredictable winter weather

The SP WinterSport 3D is optimised to handle every kind of winter condition, thanks to three different sipes positioned on specific parts of the tyre. The benefit from Dunlop Touch Technology, gives you a better feel for the road – crucial for establishing control and handling. A new interlocking 3D sipe creates a tight shoulder area, which improves handling and stability on dry roads.

The special silica compound stays flexible at low temperatures to give you high levels of grip on wet and dry roads. Pressure is distributed evenly across a wide contact patch, helping to maintain road adherence and directional grooves create rapid and turbulence free water drainage, increasing aquaplaning resistance.

  • Driveability in all weather conditions
  • Excellent dry handling
  • Improved wet and dry grip
  • Aquaplaning resistance

SP WinterResponse

Balanced performance for all winter conditions

The SP WinterResponse is a premium winter tyre designed to cope with the tough conditions winter throws at you. Answering the varying demands of winter driving, this tyre has been designed with an asymmetric pattern that offers a good balance of wet, snow and ice driving benefits. It also comprises a high silica tread compound that retains elasticity at low temperatures and increases traction on snow and ice.

Thanks to an innovative tread design featuring two types of blades which work simultaneously, the SP WinterResponse can offer outstanding traction, braking and cornering on snow. Furthermore, Dunlop Touch Technology applied to this tyre enables superior road feedback, a necessity when it comes to driving on slippery winter roads.

  • Asymmetric pattern design which offers a balanced performance on wet, snow and ice
  • Outstanding traction on snow thanks to an innovative tread design
  • High silica tread allows for an excellent cold weather grip
  • Dunlop Touch Technology enables superior road feedback

SP WinterSport M3

Premium winter performance

The SP WinterSport M3 is equipped with high density sipes to give excellent traction and control in snowy conditions. Wide grooves in the tread quickly evacuate water and slush, helping to ensure optimal control on wet and thawing roads.

The directional tread pattern enhances traction and helps to shorten braking distances on winter roads. Dunlop RunOnFlat technology allows for continued driving after a puncture or blowout for up to 80 km, at a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

  • Good traction on snow
  • High aquaplaning resistance
  • Good braking performance
  • RunOnFlat

SP LT 60

Excellent rain, snow and mud traction for winter conditions

The Dunlop SP LT 60 is a superior winter tyre delivering excellent traction in difficult winter weather. Built with a specialist tread pattern design which features a bladed centre section, the Dunlop SP LT 60 works to better grip the surface of the road for greater stability and performance, even in rain and snow.

Thanks to deep transverse grooves situated on the tyre tread, this tyre works to provide high levels of safety on wet and thawing conditions, as water is rapidly evacuated away from the tyre for enhanced aquaplaning resistance.

  • A specialist tread compound and tyre profile promote even tyre wear for enhanced life
  • An optimised tread pattern design works to reduce tyre noise for superior driving comfort
  • Enhanced load carrying capabilities

Summer 4x4 Tyres

SP QuattroMaxx

Delivers outstanding performance and driving pleasure for the most demanding SUVs.

The introduction of the new Dunlop SP QuattroMaxx ultra high-performance SUV tyre comes backed with some impressive lap time results. Prior to its launch at the 2010 Geneva International Motor Show, the new tyre was put through its paces on what is arguably one of the world’s most demanding tracks: the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

On October 2, 2009, a 550 HP Porsche Cayenne Turbo equipped with brand new Dunlop SP QuattroMaxx tyres and race driver Patrick Simon at the wheel, crossed the finishing line of the Nordschleife circuit of the Nürburgring in one of the fastest lap times ever set by an SUV: 8:33:99. With this excellent performance, the Dunlop SP QuattroMaxx proved its worth: one of the world’s most demanding circuits, an extremely heavy SUV and a racing driver behind the wheel, all of which proved to be the perfect match for the excellent, consistent performance of the SP QuattroMaxx: the tyres withstood the ultimate test with flying colors. This test confirms that the SP QuattroMaxx is a real ultra-high performance tyre for everyday driving – in wet or dry weather conditions.

  • Steering precision through Kevlar®
  • Ultra stiff breakers for improved road feedback and heavy handling performance
  • Dual tread compound for outstanding grip in all conditions

GrandTrek AT3

Outstanding all terrain performance

Optimised for both on and off-road driving, the Dunlop GrandTrek AT3 provides high levels of traction and low tyre noise. Constructed with a straight centre rib which enhances tyre stability, this tyre offers comfortable handling on a range of different surfaces and terrains.

The Dunlop GrandTrek AT3 is designed with a flatter tread profile which works to more evenly distribute pressure for more even wear, resulting in long tyre life. In addition, this tyre achieves low levels of tyre noise for enhanced driving comfort thanks to a specialist 2-in-1 shoulder block pattern which works to absorb annoying frequencies.

  • Specific Bead Seat System strengthens the link between tyre and rim for precise steering and enhanced driving control
  • Hybrid Overlay Technology enables this tyre to retain stability at speed
  • Ideal for heavy duty 4x4 vehicles

GrandTrek AT2

The all terrain tyre that delivers superior performance on and off-road.

The Grandtrek AT2 is an all-terrain 4x4/SUV tyre that achieves the optimum balance of on and off-road performance. A combination of unique silica compound and distinctive tread pattern ensures low road noise, high aquaplaning performance and universal traction in a variety of conditions.

  • Improved performance on gravel and dirt road with highly rigid pattern
  • Low noise and superior wet grip
  • Good appearance with reversible sidewall design

GrandTrek Touring A/S

Optimised road handling, traction and braking in all conditions.

Thanks to Touch Technology, the Grandtrek Touring A/S has been optimised to provide enhanced road feedback in both dry and wet conditions, including improved handling, traction and braking in the snow. This means you can react to the road in the right way at the right time. The special compound used in the creation of this tyre means performance remains consistently high across a wide range of temperatures. The Grandtrek Touring A/S includes a stiffer outside tread pattern - keeping you straight and true in the curves.

  • Touch technology® ensures consistently high performance across a wide range of temperatures
  • Optimised tread pattern for better handling in all weather conditions
  • Stiffer outside tread pattern for heavy duty cornering

Winter 4x4 Tyres

GrandTrek WT M3 SP

Outstanding winter traction for high performance 4x4s

Delivering superb traction on snow covered surfaces and improved cold weather grip, the Dunlop GrandTrek WT M3 SP is a superior winter 4x4 tyre. Designed with a specialist tread pattern which features Dunlop’s unique Multi Blade System, this tyre bites in to the snow to maintain traction and provide high levels of stability and control for safe winter driving.

The Dunlop GrandTrek WT M3 SP benefits from a high silica tread compound which has been optimised to retain elasticity even in low temperatures. This enables the tyre to retain grip in cold weather for short braking distances on wet or ice and snow covered surfaces.

  • A directional tread pattern with wide grooves ensures rapid water dispersion for high aquaplaning resistance
  • Large contact area for enhanced gripping capabilities
  • Built-in rim protectors provides resistance against kerb damage

GrandTrek SJ6/SJ5

Impressive in extreme winter conditions

Designed to provide superior performance in cold weather conditions, the Dunlop GrandTrek SJ6/SJ5 delivers outstanding traction and high levels of aquaplaning resistance. Constructed with an impressive Silica Plus Compound, this tyre retains flexibility for excellent handling and braking ability in low temperatures whilst microscopic studs in the tread work to deliver a firm grip on ice covered surfaces.

The Dunlop GrandTrek SJ6/SJ5 is designed with a directional tread pattern which features six wide circumferential grooves that provide fast and effective water evacuation for enhanced resistance against aquaplaning.

  • An optimised tread pattern design works to reduce tyre noise for superior driving comfort
  • Specific Bead Seat System strengthens the link between tyre and rim for precise steering and enhanced driving control
  • Designed to promote even tread wear for long tyre life

Dunlop Tyres UK are one of the world's biggest tyre manufacturers and many of the leading car manufacturers fit Dunlop Tyres as standard including BMW, Lexus, Audi, Mercedes, Nissan, Audi, Porsche, Toyota and Suzuki.

For technical information on Dunlop Tyres please visit the manufacturer's website www.dunlop-tires.com

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