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Buy van tyres online

Looking to buy van tyres online? Here at Merityre Specialists, we supply a wide range of van tyres for popular vans such as Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter vans and more. All of our van tyres are from leading tyre manufacturers, such as Avon, Kumho, Bridgestone, Continental – and are fitted by trained experts at our local branches.

Why buy van tyres from Merityre?

No matter the brand or size of your van, our trained experts can help you choose the best van tyres within your budget and will fit them at one of our local branches.

Tyres to suit all needs and budgets

Van tyres are specifically designed to provide additional strength and durability, keeping your van and business on the road. Simply enter your registration and postcode, and select the best van tyres for you from the options provided. Choose from a range of budget to premium, high-performance to winter tyres, all available at competitive prices to suit your budget.

Accredited Professionals

Here at Merityre Specialists, we are proud to announce that a number of our branches have been accredited as Michelin Certified Centres and Pirelli Performance Centres. This means you can relax in the knowledge you’re in the safe hands of our highly trained and quality equipped staff.

Free tyre inspection

Not sure how to check if your van tyres are safe and legal? Merityre Specialists will check the tyre pressure, tyre tread depth and the condition of your van tyres for free.

When it comes to selecting tyres for your vehicle, there are many factors to consider, which can become overwhelming. Below we have broken down key points to consider before purchasing your van tyres:

  • Tyre Size – knowing the size of your van tyres is the first and most crucial step before purchasing. You can find this information on the tyre sidewall.

  • Tyre Price – deciding between budget or premium tyres can usually be a factor that will solidify your decision. We have cheap van tyre options to help make this step easier.

  • Season – when you buy your new tyres, you should consider the weather conditions that you want them to cope with. You can choose summer, all season and winter van tyre options available for your vehicle. Read our information on seasonal tyres to find out what type of tyres are right for you.

  • Other requirements – if you are still faced with a difficult decision following the filters above, you should consider what you require from a tyre. To help you make an informed purchase, use the handy EU Tyre Label.

It is essential to maintain Tyre pressure as it enhances your vehicle’s handling capabilities, reduces fuel consumption, and promotes even tyre wear. Your vehicle manufacturer will have recommended pressures, which can be found in your vehicle handbook, fuel cap or on the inside edge of your door.

Vehicles tyre pressures vary by make, model and size because tyre pressure is measured by calculating the air in your tyre in pounds per square inch (PSI).

As a van owner, it is your duty to ensure that your tyres always meet legal requirements. Below, we have listed some of the main reasons you might need to replace your tyres:

  • Low tread depth – within UK law, your tyre tread depth should not drop below a minimum of 1.6mm. If you are caught driving with tyres that have low tread depth, you could face a hefty fine and points on your licence.

  • Signs of damage – if you find any cuts, lumps or bulges, or any other signs of damage on your tyre, you should contact a tyre specialist. You may not need to replace your tyres, as some damage can be repaired, which is why we recommend inspecting your tyres for damage.

  • Old age – depending on how much you drive you van, you may find tyres can wear before they have chance to age. If you notice signs of wear or you have had tyres for over five years, then it is time to replace your tyres or have them looked at by a tyre specialist. Pop into your local Merityre branch for help and advice.