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Back to School with Merityre Specialists Bookham

20th August 2014

It doesn't seem five minutes since the six weeks holidays began at the end of July. Commuters relish less traffic on the roads, and that extra 10 minutes in bed whilst parents are counting down the days for some peace and quiet.

Here at Merityre Specialists Bookham we're focusing on the importance of carrying out simple tyre checks before you resume the school run. TyreSafe carried out a survey at a Shropshire primary school, and found that 30% of cars dropping children off were driving with illegal tyres*.

With many more cars on the road, especially at peak times of the day it is essential both your tyres and car itself is roadworthy. Research from the Department for Transport shows that more than 1,200 road casualties are caused each year as a result of a car travelling on illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres*.

Keep your little ones safe on the school run, visit the team at Merityre Bookham for a tyre check. No appointment needed!

*Published 20th August 2014 ; Tyresafe.org