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When selecting new tyres for your vehicle you will have some difficult decisions to make and one of the first may be ‘how much do I want to spend on my tyres?’ The answer to this, however, is not as straightforward as it seems. Budget tyres unarguably have a smaller price tag but may not be the bargain they appear to be if they need to be replaced more frequently than premium tyres.

Buying tyres can be overwhelming and the decision to buy budget or premium tyres should be an informed choice.

Budget Tyres

Budget tyres are cheaper than premium tyres but the question that should be asked is are you getting what you pay for?

Will budget tyres be economical long term? If the answer is no, then small price tags can soon add up if they need to be frequently replaced. Budget tyres are subject to testing and checks, so the majority that are manufactured will be of a certain quality standard and safe. Despite this, however, it is unlikely that budget tyres will perform to the same standard as premium brand tyres and they will not have been subjected to the meticulous design and testing process.

Premium Tyres

Premium brand tyres boast well-known brand names which are accompanied by a long history in the tyre industry. Premium manufacturers sell billions of tyres all over the world and high levels of competition between brands means that tyre standards are constantly raising, as each manufacturer strives to have the safest and best performing tyres. Premium tyres cost more than budget tyres as you are paying for the time, money and technology that has been invested in to the tyre.


Initially, budget tyres seem to be the most cost effective due to their smaller price tag. Premium tyres, however, tend to be the more economical choice. This is because they are usually constructed with a higher quality rubber and designed with a tread pattern which can withstand wear differently to budgets. It is also important to bear in mind that tyres, both budget and premium, will live longer the better they are cared for. You can drastically extend the life of your tyres if you look after them correctly, click here for some tips on tyre maintenance.


Budget tyres and premium tyres can often look very similar in appearance, but it is important to bear in mind that the design and development process for each has been very different. Premium tyres are designed to meet a certain standard and will offer a better performance than budget tyres. Premium tyres are often meticulously tested to ensure that they meet industry standards for aquaplaning resistance, braking distance and steering precision.

The following video from Continental tyres highlights the difference in performance between budget and premium tyres when it comes to wet braking.

Watch Video

EU Tyre Label

Still struggling to choose between premium and budget tyres? Make sure you take a look at the ratings that the EU Tyre Label award to help you with your decision. The EU Tyre Label grades tyres on their performance in terms of wet braking, noise emission and fuel efficiency. You should use the results as a guide when choosing your tyres as you can feel secure that the tyres you choose will meet your demands. Take a look here for help reading the EU Tyre Label.

How to Choose the Right Tyre

Choosing tyres can be difficult but bear in mind that there isn’t really such thing as a good or a bad tyre. The tyre that you select should suit what you are expecting from your drive.

There are many other factors invested in your tyre choice as well, so make sure that you do your research before making your purchase. Avoid buying a tyre solely on the price tag or brand name, instead think about which tyre would best suit your driving style and requirements, your vehicle as well as your budget.

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