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Merityre Specialists provide a free exhaust health check and can carry out exhaust repairs and replacements for all makes and models of car. We have common exhaust parts ready to supply and fit and we are usually able to obtain exhaust parts required for more unusual vehicles, such as classic or American models the same day.

A number of Merityre Specialists branches have been awarded the status of Klarius Exhaust CAT & DPF Accredited Branches.

How Does the Exhaust System Work?

The exhaust and emissions system is made up of a series of components which work to convert noxious fumes like carbon monoxide into less harmful gases and filter the emissions out and away from the vehicle.

These components are a large series of pipes and chambers which work together in a system. It is important that all components of the exhaust are functioning effectively in order for the exhaust to do its job.

Engine – The engine produces gases like carbon monoxide whilst driving and this is channelled away by the front pipe

Catalytic Converter – The catalytic converter forces these emissions into less harmful gases through chemical reaction

Muffler – The muffler reduces sound emissions to help to lower engine noise

Exhaust – The exhaust, or tailpipe, is the visible part of the exhaust and this channels emissions out and away from the vehicle

As the only part of your vehicle that works to filter harmful fumes, it is important that your exhaust is working correctly and in good condition.

Warning– If your exhaust system is not working correctly carbon monoxide gas may be drawn in to the cabin of the vehicle and exposure to this poisonous gas can cause severe health problems.

Recognising Problems

Merityre Specialists would recommend having your exhaust checked at least once a year or if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Loud roaring noises which indicates problems with the silencer

  • Hissing noises which may mean there are cracks or holes in your exhaust system

  • Chugging noises which indicate potential blockages

  • Rattling noises which could signify that something in the exhaust has become loose

  • Corrosion or rust on the visible part of your exhaust

FREE Exhaust Health Check

Diagnosing problems with the exhaust system can be difficult without inspection so it is important that you get any issues with your exhaust checked by a specialist.

Merityre Specialists provide a FREE Exhaust Health Check simply contact your local branch to make an appointment.

Exhaust Replacement

Merityre Specialists provide exhaust replacements if necessary and we supply and fit top brands of exhausts for all makes and models of vehicles. As we have access to the most common exhaust parts we can carry out most replacements the same day. For more unusual exhaust requirements, we aim to source the necessary parts within 24 hours.

We will only replace the elements of your exhaust that require attention, however, if you do need a full replacement, you can save 10% off any full exhaust system with our downloadable voucher.

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