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Vehicles in the UK are not required to carry a spare tyre by law, so it is unsurprising that many people choose not to purchase and carry one. However, if you suffer a puncture or damage to any of your fitted tyres, a spare tyre will enable you to make your way home or to your nearest fitting branch.

Where is my Spare Tyre?

In most vehicles that carry a spare tyre, it will be located underneath the floor panel in the boot, however, this can vary from car to car. Some vehicles carry a tyre repair kit instead of a spare tyre and if this is the case for you, you may want to consider investing in a spare tyre. Either way, Merityre Specialists would recommend that you check your vehicle and find out how you are equipped to deal with a flat tyre before you are in a situation where you are reliant on whatever is in your boot!

How to Care for your Spare Tyre

It is easy to overlook your spare tyre, but you should be performing tyre checks on your spare tyre as well as the tyres you drive on. If you don’t, you risk finding your spare tyre flat and un-roadworthy when you really need it. Remember to check your tyre pressure regularly and occasionally visually inspect the condition of your spare tyre. You should check your tread depth at least once to ensure that it meets the legal minimum.

What is a Space Saver?

Some cars carry temporary space saver tyres rather than spare tyres and the reason for this is that they are thinner and lighter, so they take up less space and help to improve your fuel economy. These are not intended for use in the same way as a spare tyre, they are instead designed to simply get you safely to your nearest fitting branch.

How to Drive on a Space Saver

Space savers can only be driven at certain speeds and the maximum speed is usually restricted to 50 miles per hour for safety reasons. There should be a sticker on the wheel advising you of the speed you should travel.

There is no specified limited distance when using a space saver tyre, however, due to its speed restrictions, limited tread depth and softer tread compound, you should not travel further than absolutely necessary.

What Should I Carry with my Spare Tyre?

As well as a spare tyre, you should carry the equipment you might need to change it. This includes a wheel wrench, car jack and a locking wheel nut key. These items may be located underneath the panel in the boot, along with the spare tyre, but if not it may be worth investing in these tools. As well as these essential items, carrying a torch, a pair of gloves and a plastic sheet may be beneficial if ever you do need to change a tyre.

Take a look at our guide on how to change a tyre for more guidance.

If you require a spare tyre you can choose from a wide range of tyres online at Merityre Specialists or you could visit your local branch for assistance. Alternatively, you can call your local Merityre Specialists for further advice and guidance in choosing your spare tyres.


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