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All season tyres combine elements of both summer and winter tyres to provide safety and performance in all conditions. Designed to work best in less extreme weather conditions, all season tyres are a good choice for British weather, which fluctuates regularly but tends not to be too extreme.

All Season Tyre Technology

By combining both summer and winter tyre technology, all season tyres are good on both wet and dry roads and offer a cost-effective approach to safe driving all year round.

Similarly to summer tyres, all season tyres are constructed using a specialist compound which optimally grips to the surface of the road, however, like winter tyres all season tyres will not stiffen in cold conditions, retaining flexibility to retain grip.

Marked with the same ‘M+S’ and ‘Snowflake’ designations as winter tyres, all season tyres are approved for winter use where winter tyres are required by law and will meet performance standards in difficult winter conditions.

All season tyres offer a unique tread pattern with grooves that are aquaplaning resistant and they have high-density sipes, which make them ideal for gripping a range of road surfaces.

This combination of tyre technology means that all season tyres can provide performance in different weather conditions all year long, however, they cannot provide the optimal seasonal performance you could expect from switching between dedicated summer and winter tyres.

What Are The Benefits Of All Season Tyres?

Although it may be necessary in some parts of the country, it’s no secret that changing your tyres twice a year can be costly and a hassle to say the least. Where possible, all season tyres offer a solution to this without compromising safety.

Furthermore, if you are unable to store a second set of tyres and are unable to have tyres switched twice a year, all season tyres are a superior choice to using summer or winter tyres all year round.

All season tyres can be a great option if you experience light snow and temperatures that rarely drop below freezing in your area, otherwise dedicated summer and winter tyres would be a safer option.

Should I Buy All Season Tyres?

If you live somewhere that has moderate weather conditions that aren’t overly severe, all season tyres are a great option to provide safety all year round.

If temperatures regularly drop below -5ºC and you live in a more rural area which is prone to ice, Merityre Specialists would recommend fitting dedicated winter tyres to your vehicle.

Similarly, if you want to maximise your vehicle's handling and performance during milder temperatures, you should consider fitting summer tyres.

We stock a wide range of all season tyres for all vehicles, simply buy online and arrange a fitting at your local branch. If you are unsure as to which tyres are the best fits for you, simply call your local Merityre Specialists where our tyre specialists will be able to offer advice and guidance.


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