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Until the release of the winter tyre, summer tyres were known simply as regular tyres. Where winter tyres are optimised to deliver a safe drive in snowy and icy conditions, summer tyres are specifically designed to provide high performance, superior aquaplaning resistance and shorter braking distances when temperatures reach 7°c or higher.

Summer Tyres vs Winter Tyres

There are many differences between summer and winter tyres as each has been specifically designed to meet seasonal demands.

Summer tyres are designed with a softer rubber compound than winter tyres, which allows them to grip the ground more tightly - enhancing stability and offering higher levels of performance. When temperatures drop below 7°c, however, this compound will stiffen whereas the compound used in winter tyres will retain its flexibility. Winter tyres are designed with more grooves so that they have better traction on snow.

In addition, tread patterns differ between winter and summer tyres. Surprisingly, summer tyres offer a greater performance in wet conditions as the tread pattern is optimised to help evacuate water and reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

The Benefits of Summer Tyres

The benefits of driving on dedicated summer tyres include:

  • Responsive steering

  • Greater handling capabilities

  • Increased resistance to aquaplaning

  • Excellent grip

  • Reduced braking distances in summer conditions

  • Lower noise

Should I Buy Summer Tyres?

If you have winter tyres fitted to your vehicle you should have them replaced with summer tyres or all season tyres when temperatures are steadily above 7°c. All season tyres will provide an adequate performance and can be a suitable compromise for summer driving, however, winter tyres cannot offer the safety and performance you require in summer conditions.

Many motorists avoid buying two sets of tyres for their vehicles due to storage issues, however here at Merityre Specialists, we will store your winter tyres in our Tyre Hotel.

At Merityre Specialists we offer a wide range of summer, winter and all season tyres to meet your requirements. Simply search for tyres online now or contact your local Merityre branch with any queries you may have.


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