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Year-round driving tips

Driving your car in drastically differing temperatures can affect the overall performance of your tyres just as much as differing surfaces.

For example driving in the ice and snow compared to a trip down a hot tarmac motorway, would cause your tyres to act as differently as they would if you were to drive on a dirt track compared to a freshly resurfaced road.

With the confusing and irregular extremes of the British climate we have seen over the last few years, it's certainly proving difficult to determine which kind of tyre will offer the best value for money, as well as the assurance of safety when driving in varying conditions.

If you notice your tyres starting to perform and react differently as the weather changes, it might be time to consider how your driving style and your vehicle requirements impact on your need for differing seasonal tyres.

From summer tyres to winter driving advice, learn more about seasonal tyres and how to drive in each season from our detailed guide.

Summer Tyres

Until the release of the winter tyre, summer tyres were known simply as ‘regular tyres’. Where winter tyres are optimised to deliver a safe drive in snowy and icy conditions, summer tyres are specifically designed to provide high performance, superior aquaplaning resistance and shorter braking distances when temperatures reach 7°c or higher.

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Winter Tyres

Many motorists don't realise the safety benefits of fitting winter tyres to their vehicle. All-weather tyres are not designed to work in heavy snow or ice. Once the temperature drops below 7°c, traction can be improved and stopping distance reduced with the fitting of, commonly narrower, winter tyres…

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All Season Tyres

All-season tyres are specifically designed to perform well in all weather conditions. Constructed with similar sipes to summer tyres and similar compounds to winter tyres, all season tyres are versatile and can cope with hot, dry conditions and light snow...

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Winter Driving Advice

Weather and road conditions change seasonally, so it is important that you alter your driving style accordingly. Find out more about how you should drive in difficult winter conditions here...

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Summer Driving Advice

Summer in the UK is subject to changing weather conditions including high temperatures and sudden downpours. Make sure that you are prepared to drive in summer conditions with our helpful guide…

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Wet Weather Driving Advice

Driving in wet weather can be hazardous as road surfaces become slippery and it is easier for your vehicle to lose traction and slide. Be prepared to drive in wet conditions with our helpful advice...

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For more year-round driving tips, get in touch with your local Merityre specialists. Alternatively, purchase all-season, winter or summer tyres from our tyres to buy online section now.


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