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Most car manufacturers recommend having your air conditioning recharged every two years. This is because the refrigerant, or gas, used in the system is lost over time, at a rate of approximately 10% per year.

Air conditioning systems need regular attention to ensure that they are performing to their optimal potential. However, air conditioning services are not part of routine vehicle servicing - which is why it's so important that you take your vehicle for an air conditioning check and aircon recharge every two years (if your vehicle is over two years old).

Car Air Conditioning Services at Merityre

Merityre Specialists provide a diagnostic check to ensure that your air conditioning system is working effectively. We also offer an air con recharging service with a choice of current industry standard R134a refrigerant gas, or R1234yf refrigerant gas, which is more environmentally friendly and is used on various makes and models manufactured after 2011.

During our Mericool air conditioning service, we use the latest fully automatic A/C diagnostic and recharging systems at all of our branches. To book an appointment simply contact your local Merityre Specialists branch.

How do I know which air con gas I require?

R134A gas is common in vehicles manufactured before 2014. All vehicles with air conditioning manufactured since 1st January 2017 include the new R1234YF air con gas which is more environmentally friendly. R1234YF gas was phased in by vehicle manufacturers over time so vehicles rolling off the production line between 2014 and 2016 could require either gas. To check which type of air con gas you need, look under your car bonnet where you should find a manufacturer sticker confirming which gas is required. You will also be able to find this information in the manufacturer's handbook.

How Does Air Conditioning Work?

Air conditioning cools down the air in your vehicle through a complex process of evaporation, compression and expansion. When the pressure of the gas in the air conditioning system drops, which happens naturally over a period of time, there is also a drop in the air cooling ability of the system. If you allow the air conditioning system to run very low on gas/lubricant, the compressor will wear out in half the time. This is why having an air con re-gas every two years is so important.

Noticing Problems with your Air Conditioning?

If you notice any of the following problems with your air conditioning, you should take your vehicle to your local Merityre Specialists for a free* diagnostic check on your air conditioning system:

  • Excessive noise

  • Weakened airflow

  • Emission of hot or warm air instead of cold air

  • Bursts of cold air whilst emitting hot air

*We reserve the right to make a charge for a check if the two/one A/C connections points are not easily accessible

Keeping Air Conditioning Healthy

In order to keep your air conditioning system in good health, you should regularly run it. Many people only use their air conditioning to cool their car down during the summer, but did you know that an efficient air conditioning system can also be used to demist your windscreen faster in cold conditions?

By using your air conditioning all year round and running the system regularly, you will maintain its efficiency by ensuring that rubber seals don’t dry out and crack. Preventing these cracks is important because it is this which causes leaks and further damage to your air conditioning system.

Book Air Conditioning Services at Merityre Specialists

Merityre Specialists offer a free* diagnostic check on your air conditioning system simply contact your local Merityre Specialists branch to make an appointment.

We provide an effective Mericool Air Conditioning Recharge service which takes approximately one hour and offer a choice of standard R134a refrigerant gas or R1234yf refrigerant gas which has a low global warming potential.

Air con recharge price

Book an air conditioning recharge online at Merityre Specialists with R134a refrigerant gas for £73.98 or R1234yf refrigerant gas for £136.26.*

*Please note additional charges may apply.

**The R1234YF air-conditioning recharge is only available on selected vehicles manufactured after 2011. If you're unsure of the correct air con recharge for your vehicle please contact your local Merityre Specialist.