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Keeping your tyres inflated to the pressure specified by your vehicle manufacturer will help to keep you safe on the road. Tyre pressure impacts your gripping capabilities and road handling as well as your fuel consumption. You should check your tyre pressure every three weeks.

Complimentary Tyre Check

If you have noticed any of the below signs listed, we would recommend visiting your local Merityre Specialists branch for a free tyre health check. We will check the condition of your tyres and offer advice if they need to be replaced.


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Under-inflated Tyres

Tyres lose pressure naturally over time and can easily become under-inflated. When tyres are under-inflated the tyre will not provide optimal grip as mainly the edges of the tyre are in contact with the surface of the road, which results in a small and uneven contact patch. This means that handling and steering precision will be affected and braking distances will be increased.

Due to their reduced and uneven contact patch, under-inflated tyres will wear excessively and unevenly, as more pressure is put on the sides and edges of the tyre. In addition, under-inflated tyres also become hotter more rapidly and they are more likely to overheat, making them more susceptible to damage.

Over-inflated Tyres

Tyres become over-inflated when they are filled with too much air. Over-inflated tyres have an uneven contact patch as the centre of the tyre makes contact with the road, resulting in limited gripping capabilities, reduced resistance against aquaplaning and longer stopping distances.

Over-inflated tyres are prone to uneven wear due to their limited contact patch and they cannot absorb road shocks as well as correctly inflated tyres, which makes them prone to tyre damage. Furthermore, both under and over-inflated tyres require more fuel in order to run efficiently.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

You can check your tyre pressures for free or for a small fee at most petrol stations or service stations. Simply check your vehicle manufacturer handbook for your recommended tyre pressure - remembering to adjust if necessary for the load of your vehicle. Use the facilities provided to check that your tyre pressure matches the recommended pressure. If not, inflate or allow your tyres to deflate as necessary.

Alternatively, you can visit your local Merityre Specialists for a FREE tyre pressure check!

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As well as frequently checking your tyre pressure, you should check your tread depth and visually inspect for tyre damage.


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