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Bridgestone are a global leader providing sustainable mobility and advanced solutions. Bridgestone tyres offer a smooth and safe ride as well as good mileage for all types of cars, vans and 4x4 vehicles. Founded in Japan in 1931, Bridgestone has been manufacturing tyres since 1930, growing into one of the world’s largest corporations. Taking over plants from Firestone Tyre and Rubber in 1983, the company continued to buy more and more plants, transforming Bridgestone into a global tyre company by 1988. What began in Japan has spread and Bridgestone tyres now reach over 150 nations worldwide employing over 130,000 people.


Summer Car Tyres

DriveGuard Summer

The Bridgestone DriveGuard Summer enables motorists to maintain control and continue driving following a puncture. Designed for any car already fitted with TPMS, this tyre is constructed with tough, supportive tyre sidewalls which enable drivers to continue safely for up to 50 miles following tyre damage

  • Specially designed tread pattern rapidly removes water for high aquaplaning resistance
  • Excellent cornering performance thanks to specialist shoulder blocks that optimally distribute pressure
  • High level of comfort and performance

Potenza S001

The Potenza S001 is a high performance summer tyre which offers enhanced steering precision and excellent cornering abilities. Constructed with an off-centre straight rib, this tyre is optimised to provide excellent road stability resulting in remarkable steering precision for an exciting sports-style drive. In addition, a wide groove design enables the Potenza S001 to evacuate water away from the tyre tread for excellent resistance against aquaplaning.

  • Specialist active insert increases longitudinal stiffness for superior braking and handling performance
  • Excellent cornering performance thanks to its high grip shoulder blocks
  • Lightweight construction provides reduced rolling resistance for higher fuel efficiency

Potenza RE002

Designed to provide precise steering and control, the Potenza RE002 is an excellent tyre choice for dynamic drivers who expect high sports performance. Constructed with high grip shoulder blocks and a 3D connection between shoulder and rib, this tyre is optimised to suppress block deformation enabling it to retain shape for more direct handling and superior cornering grip.

  • High levels of stability at speed due to its specialist solid contact centre rib
  • Reactive to steering for exciting sport style handling
  • In-groove deflector works to channel water away for good aquaplaning resistance

Potenza S007

Providing excellent high speed performance and maximum cornering grip, the Potenza S007 is optimised for sport style driving. Designed with a specialist tread pattern featuring rigid blocks, the Potenza S007 optimally grips the surface of the road for superior dry grip and excellent steering response.

  • Optimal carcass construction delivers exceptional cornering performance
  • High speed performance
  • Outstanding steering response

Turanza T001 Evo

Designed to deliver the highest standards of safety, comfort and efficiency, the Turanza T001 Evo is a superior summer touring tyre. Constructed with high stiffness shoulder blocks, this tyre retains latitudinal and longitudinal stiffness for maximum braking force and excellent handling. In addition, a specialist Nano Pro Technology compound improves rolling resistance for a more efficient drive.

  • Wide water evacuation grooves deliver excellent resistance against aquaplaning
  • Flat contact profile optimally distributes pressure for even wear resulting in long tyre life
  • Low noise emissions

Turanza T001

The Turanza T001 is a superior tyre taken from Bridgestone’s touring range and is optimised for enhanced safety and comfort. This tyre offers superior resistance against aquaplaning thanks to wide evacuation grooves situated across the tyre which rapidly remove water from the surface of the tyre. The Turanza T001 was labelled ‘very recommendable’ by ADAC in 2015.

  • Short braking distances thanks to high stiffness blocks
  • Optimised for high driving comfort
  • Low noise emissions

Ecopia EP150

Constructed to deliver a more fuel efficient performance, the Ecopia EP150 also provides a safe and comfortable drive. Thanks to its lightweight construction and Bridgestone’s innovative Nano Pro Technology, the Ecopia EP150 works to lower rolling resistance to conserve energy and therefore reduce fuel consumptions and emissions. This tyre is also optimised for a safe braking performance due to specialist rib-linked centre blocks which enable more even contact pressure distribution.

  • High angle lug grooves work to deliver excellent resistance against aquaplaning
  • Increased block stiffness provides better handling performance
  • Convex block design reduces air volume velocity for low tyre noise

Ecopia EP500

The Ecopia EP500 delivers an eco-friendly performance, better fuel efficiency and higher levels of safety due to its commitment to lower rolling resistance without sacrificing braking performance. Awarded a ‘B’ for ‘Wet Grip’ by the EU Tyre Label, this tyre also delivers a safe performance in wet weather conditions.

  • Innovative rubber compound offers great gripping capabilities on wet and dry surfaces
  • Extended tyre blocks provide improved handling and braking stability
  • Long wearing tread design resists daily wear and tear to deliver long tyre life


Designed for general use, the B250 delivers a perfect combination of comfort and stability for all-round performance. Thanks to its specialist tread pattern featuring large grooves the B250 offers excellent traction on wet roads. This tyre is ideal for a wide variety of compact vehicles.

  • Resistance against aquaplaning
  • High mileage
  • Low noise levels

All Season Car Tyres

Weather Control A001

The Weather Control A001 is a superior all season tyre which offers excellent gripping capabilities and increased resistance against aquaplaning. Constructed with an innovative all-weather compound, this tyre is reactive to changing weather conditions and ensures high performance all year round.

  • High grip sipes bite the surface of the road for excellent grip especially in ice and snow
  • Optimal lens shaped blocks rapidly evacuate water for enhanced aquaplaning resistance
  • Low noise levels

Summer 4x4 Tyres

Dueler A/T 001

The Dueler A/T 001 is optimised to provide an excellent performance on and off road in all seasonal conditions. Constructed with a dedicated tread design featuring specialist block shapes, this tyre enables good levels of handling in all terrain conditions including on road, off road and snow.

  • New pattern geometry delivers enhanced traction and excellent braking on mud and snow
  • Specially shaped grooves work to evacuate water for high aquaplaning resistance on road
  • Delivers ultimate protection

Dueler H/P Sport

Designed to provide comfort and durability, the Dueler H/P Sport is a superior 4x4 tyre optimised to deliver excellent on-road performance for luxury 4x4s and SUVs. This tyre offers reliable handling in wet and dry conditions thanks to its innovative tread pattern design and specialist compound.

  • Good traction on wet surfaces
  • Excellent handling
  • Minimised tyre noise for comfortable drive

Dueler H/T 689

Providing excellent gripping capabilities and superior driving comfort, the Dueler H/T 689 is a premium on-road 4x4 tyre choice. Designed with a specialist tread pattern featuring small tread blocks, this tyre is optimised to maintain contact with the surface of the road to deliver outstanding grip in all weather conditions.

  • Well-balanced driving performance
  • Comfortable drive
  • Low tyre noise

Summer Van Tyres

Duravis R660

The Duravis R660 is a superior van tyre designed to deliver high mileage, fuel savings and excellent traction. This tyre provides high levels of safety in wet conditions thanks to its enhanced tread pattern which is optimised to rapidly evacuate water away from the tyre tread for high aquaplaning resistance.

  • Rugged design and extra-durable construction delivers excellent wear resistance and high mileage
  • Enhanced fuel economy
  • High traction and stable handling in wet conditions

Duravis R410

Designed to provide enhanced durability and high mileage without sacrificing handling, the Duravis R410 is a superior van tyre choice. Constructed with an advanced tread block design, this tyre delivers a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride, resulting in car-like performance and handling.

  • Specially optimised tread pattern reduces irregular tyre wear for exceptional mileage
  • Excellent performance in wet conditions
  • Durable at high speed

Duravis R630

Designed for commercial vans and light trucks, the Duravis R630 provides safety in wet conditions and enhanced tyre life. Thanks to a sidewall guard and a stone ejector, the Duravis R630 is optimised to resist daily driving damage for a longer tyre life.

  • Comfortable drive
  • Low tyre noise
  • Excellent wet control

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As well as Bridgestone tyres, we also stock a range of tyres from premium tyre manufacturers including Avon, Bridgestone, Continental, Cooper®, Dunlop, Firestone, Goodride, Goodyear, Hankook, Kumho, Michelin, Pirelli, Uniroyal, Vredestein and Yokohama.

Bridgestone Tyres offer three ranges of tyres for cars. Bridgestone Potenza tyres are sports tyres for high performance cars. Bridgestone Turanza tyres are top quality tyres for luxury and middle range cars whilst Bridgestone's B-Series offer reliability and safety for smaller hatchbacks and saloon cars.

For technical information on Bridgestone please visit the manufacturer's website www.bridgestone.co.uk


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