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Continental is the premium tyre brand that delivers responsive braking in all weather conditions. Continental is the number one tyre manufacturer in Europe in the passenger and light truck tyre market and the market leader in cold weather tyres and automobile original equipment.

Made for your car… In Europe today, nearly every third car that rolls off the production line is fitted with Continental tyres, making Continental the number one original equipment manufacturer in Europe. If the world’s top car manufacturers are willing to place their trust in Continental, so can you.

Your safety first… For every car to be launched on the market, Continental work closely with the vehicle manufacturers to carefully plan the tyre down to the last detail. Requirements and requests may vary, but there’s one thing that always remains the same: safety first.

Award winning products… Continental prides itself on creating products that perform, and that’s confirmed every year by a wealth of independent test wins from leading consumer organisation Which?, and leading automotive titles Auto Express and Evo.

Your tyres and so much more…Continental AG is one of the world's leading suppliers to the automotive industry with extensive know-how in tyre and brake technology, vehicle dynamics control, as well as electronic and sensor systems. Take a look at our videos to see Continental Tyres in action.

Summer Car Tyres

Sport Contact 6

Safety Has Never Felt So Thrilling

  • Maximum grip in all directions thanks to our Black Chili compound
  • Enhanced Steering Precision
  • Optimal stability at high speeds

The Sport Contact 6 offers exceptional vehicle handling with Avalon 350 technology, offering a new and improved hybrid cap ply allowing for fast acceleration up to high speeds without compromising safety or efficacy. The innovative micro flexibility compound used here offers all the piece of mind you could wish for with improved performance and short braking distances, no matter what the weather.

Premium Contact 6

Enhanced Stability, Superior Comfort

  • The ultimate in high performance for wet conditions
  • Superior braking thanks to optimised crystal silica composition
  • Sporty driving, without sacrificing safety

The Premium Contact 6 uses German technology to bring the next level in comfortable sport style driving. With premium technology to offer a comfortable and efficient drive, you can enjoy the thrill of high performance handling with optimal braking for safety at all times. Using the crystal silica compounds for exceptional handling on wet roads, this is the perfect summer tyre for comfort and luxury without sacrificing safety.

Sport Contact 5P

Become One With The Road

  • High speed performance, even when braking
  • Optimised for sporty handling and perfect precision
  • 0° hybrid cap ply for radial flexibility and circumferential stiffness

The Sport Contact 5P offers the perfect driving solution for those who love a bit of speed. With outstanding grip technology using Black Chilli and high structured racing carbon black for optimal braking, this is an incredibly efficient tyre. With top of the range steering precision, protection against aquaplaning thanks to the flexible macro-block design which increases road contact, and low tyre noise, you can drive in comfort and become one with the road.

Premium Contact 5

The All-Rounder Of Tyre Safety

  • Ideal grip and optimal braking in all weather conditions
  • The ultimate in safe driving
  • Low rolling resistance and superb handling for every journey

The Premium Contact 5 is a hybrid of the Ecocontact 5 and the Sport Contact 5, taking the core characteristics from both to make this one of a kind all-rounder tyre. With incredible handling, and low rolling resistance, this is a tyre that is all about road safety. The short braking distances on both wet and dry roads combined with the comfortable handling will make every drive a dream.

EcoContact 5

The Eco-Friendly Tyre

  • The ultimate in eco-friendly driving with reduced noise pollution and even lower fuel consumption
  • Optimised rolling resistance
  • Superb handling in all conditions

The EcoContact 5 offers high performance whilst being fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. Continental’s first ever eco tyre, the Eco Contact 5 provides safe handling, optimised rolling resistance for reduced fuel consumption and short braking distances, even on wet roads. Not only does the EcoContact 5 boast high mileage potential and incredible performance, but it is also virtually silent on the roads, making for a relaxing and comfortable drive every time.

Sport Contact 5

Control Has Never Been Sportier

  • Superb control with macro-blocks offering maximised contact with the road
  • Short braking distances in all weather conditions
  • Black Chilli technology

The Sport Contact 5 comes with an SUV option and provides control like you’ve never known it. With Black Chilli technology for superb braking, and enhances macro-blocks for more stability and control on the roads and when cornering, this is the perfect sporty tyre with first class control. High mileage and fuel efficiency make this a great option for car drivers and 4x4 motorists alike.


Innovation and Craftsmanship

  • Energy Saving option for the conscientious driver
  • High-performance grip on both wet and dry roads
  • The ultimate in comfort and handling

The Conti.eContact is the perfect option for the energy saver who doesn’t want to compromise on safety and comfort. With a slightly reduced tread depth, this tyre offers high levels of grip, handling and endless comfort when driving, and compared to the standard tyre offers an average mileage of 90%! For superior rolling resistance, luxury driving experience and safety throughout, this is a no brainer!

SportContact 3

Perfect Tyre For Performance-Minded Drivers

  • Enhanced traction handling and braking performance
  • Agile steering precision
  • Asymmetric tread ribs for safety at high speeds.

The SportContact 3 offers drivers an agile driving experience with exceptional steering response and shorter stopping distances. This tyre offers maximum performance in both wet and dry conditions, and benefits from the sporty design, which allows for exceptional braking capabilities for even the wettest of roads. Demand only the best from your tyres.

Premium Contact 2

Optimise Your Braking Distance In Style

  • Outstanding braking performance in both wet and dry conditions/li>
  • Innovative 3D grooves for superb contact with the road
  • High resistance against aquaplaning

With shorter braking distances and exceptional handling, the Premium Contact 2 is the ultimate in luxury driving, without sacrificing safety. Drive around in confidence knowing your tyres are equipped with exceptional aquaplaning resistance, innovative tread for evenly distributed pressure across the entire tyre and precise handling every step of the way.

EcoContact 3

Economic Driving For Compact Cars

  • Superior levels of traction
  • Flexible silica compound for enhanced connection with the road
  • High mileage and low fuel consumption

The EcoContact 3 provides safer braking for compact cars, whilst offering superb traction and exceptional handling for the eco-friendly driver. With safety and efficiency at the forefront of the EcoContact 3, you can drive in confidence knowing you can benefit from maximised contact with the roads thanks to the flexible silica compound and the long service life.

Summer 4x4 Tyres

CrossContact ATR

Access all areas

  • Exceptional off-road traction and grip
  • Smooth and safe on-road driving
  • Improved durability

The superior grip combined with the option of on-road or off-road driving makes the CrossContact ATR the perfect versatile tyre. Drive in style without causing a scene with significantly reduced noise give out and unbelievable traction in wet and dry weather. For access to all areas, there is no finer option.

4X4 SportContact

The Ultimate In On-Road Driving

  • Superb aquaplaning resistance
  • Suitable for high-speed road use
  • Asymmetric tread pattern for superb water dispersing even at high speeds.

Drive with speed and confidence with the 4X4 SportContact, offering wide tread grooves for high performance and quick and efficient removal of water, this is a perfect option for those wetter conditions. Focused on both safety and performance, this tyre offers perfect handling thanks to the use of a compact outer shoulder, and is even great when cornering.

CrossContact LX2

Safe On The Road, And Beyond.

  • Fuel efficient and quiet drive for on-road and off.
  • Robust design ideal for light off-road driving
  • Excellent dry and wet grip

Be ready for anything with the CrossContact LX2, designed for 80% on-road and 20% off-road driving, you no longer need to be held back by the road. With exceptional handling properties and a wide set of improved features compared to its predecessor, this is a great option for the adventurous driver. With high mileage and optimal comfort, you will love the CrossContact LX2!

CrossContact UHP

The 4X4 Tyre Of Your Dreams

  • Shorter stopping distance
  • Exceeds your performance expectations with the latest construction technology
  • High cornering stability

With low rolling resistance and excellent grip, you can take your 4X4 on any on-road adventure with confidence. The cat’s paw technology allows for optimum fuel efficiency and high-class brake performance, for a comfortable and safe drive. Designed for 100% on-road use, the CrossContact UHP is designed to resist aquaplaning and withstand heavy loads without compromising safety or performance.

CrossContact LX Sport

The Ultimate In Terrain Driving

  • Fantastic on and off-road handling
  • Lateral grooves for increased grip and traction
  • Excellent braking performance whatever the terrain

Take your vehicle off road with the CrossContact LX Sport, offering fantastic handling on-road with optimal rolling resistance and stiff circumferential ribs for protection against aquaplaning. For those general off-road adventures be confident that your tyres can withstand the terrain with wide angled grooves for effective stone ejection to minimise tread damage. For a fuel efficient and safe drive, without compromising experience – this is an ideal tyre!

4X4 Contact

Precision And Comfort In Every Mile

  • Superb on and off-road traction
  • A computer aided tread design for an exceptionally quiet drive
  • Extra stability for precise steering

The 4X4 Contact offers comfort and safety for the ultimate in peaceful driving. Using computer-aided technology in the tread they will never hear you coming, so you can enjoy a smooth and quiet drive whenever you want. Great protection against aquaplaning thanks to the wide circumferential grooves means this is a great option for both on and off-road use.

Summer Van Tyres

VanContact 200

Reliable and Cost Effective Driving

  • Reduced braking distances for optimal safety
  • Specialist tread for grip in even the wettest conditions
  • Low rolling resistance

The VanContact 200 offers a cost effective option for the safe conscious driver, with exceptional handling control allowing for short braking distances, lower fuel consumption and increased road grip you can’t go wrong. The transporter specialist tyres have sipes in the centre of the tread to allow for extra safety in the tyres overall grip.

VanConnect 100

Robust And Efficient

  • Specially reinforced carcass and sturdy sidewall offering specially robust exterior
  • High mileage and fuel efficient
  • Durable on all roads making for a longer service life

The VanConnect 100 makes the perfect accompaniment for those drivers who require time to be on their side. A great option for service drivers, this robust model offers durability and efficacy on the toughest of roads, helping you get where you need to be safely and on time. With reduce rolling resistance and high safety reserves for heavy loads; this really is a perfect tyre solution.

Vanco Eco

Affordable and Practical

  • Short braking distances on all road surfaces
  • Car-like handling for easy driving
  • Firm tread for a durable and sturdy drive

The Vanco Eco offers a reliable drive with a cost-effective bonus due to its optimised rolling resistance and short braking distance. The flat contour and reduced tread depth make for even less deformation under heavy load conditions, making this an excellent choice for on the go drivers.

Vanco 2

Economical Safety In Every Mile

  • Excellent wet brake performance
  • Robust and Durable build for added protection
  • Innovative tread for outstanding handling

The Vanco 2 is the fuel-efficient tyre offering car-like handling and outstanding protection against aquaplaning thanks to the innovative tread and unique construction allowing better handling and increased grip in wet and dry conditions. With reduced rolling resistance and kerbing ribs for extra sidewall protection this is a tyre for even the toughest of journeys.

Vanco Camper

The Tyre Built For Living On The Road

  • Superb construction for rear-heavy campers
  • Reduced stopping distance on wet surfaces thanks to special wet weather technology
  • Reinforced construction for added air pressure and ultimate safety

The Vanco camper is the ideal tyre for the passionate motorhome owner. With all the durability, stability and reliability one should expect from a motorhome tyre, the Vanco Camper has it all. With high mileage potential you can go anywhere with these tough tyres, and with exceptional handling driving around will be a dream.

Vanco Contact 2

Travel In Ultimate Comfort

  • Low tyre noise and superb tread pattern for rolling comfort
  • High mileage
  • Fantastic handling and increased brake reaction

The Vanco Contact 2 offers safety, longevity and above all else, comfort. With incredible braking reaction and reduced stopping distance, you can drive in wet or dry conditions with peace of mind, and the wet grip here is second to none! With a kerbing rib for sidewall protection and circumferential tread offering enhanced smooth rolling, this is a dream to drive on.

Advanced Technology Products

Self-Supporting Runflat SSR

Remove The Danger and Inconvenience Of A Puncture

  • Drive up to 50 miles at a max speed of 50 mph with a puncture
  • No spare wheel necessary
  • Fuel efficient solution

Not carrying a spare tyre? No problem! With the self-supporting runflat SSR you can get to where you need to be safely without the danger or hassle of replacing a punctured tyre. Based on a self-supporting, reinforced sidewall adding the SSR to your vehicle can free up around 80 litres of free boot space, and get you on the road in no time!


Don’t Let a Small Puncture Keep You From Your Destination

  • Reduce tread damage on punctures up to 5mm in diameter
  • Quick and easy to apply, no need to affect your wheels performance
  • Continued mobility and unaltered mileage

The ContiSeal technology allows drivers to quickly patch up small punctures in no time, and get back on the road. Ride with more confidence knowing you’re covered if the worst was to happen, our professional technology is designed to spare you any lengthy unnecessary roadside waits.


Drive In Silence

  • Reduce noise pollution internally
  • No need to reduce your driving experience ContiSilent wont interfere with your driving performance
  • Relax and really enjoy your drive in peace

ContiSilent is Continental’s patented noise-reducing technology. Remove the noise of the road with ContiSilent without compromising your driving performance. You can keep the same old mileage and driving characteristics, but in peace and quiet from the roads outside.

Continental Tyres are located in West Drayton in Middlesex. Continental's product range is vast with tyres for most replacement tyre requirements for cars, 4x4s and vans.

The main brands marketed in the UK and Republic of Ireland includes Uniroyal, Semperit and Continental.

For technical information on Continental please visit Continental Tyres - product information on UK tyres

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