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Looking to buy tyres online? Here at Merityre Specialists, we supply a wide range of tyres from leading tyre manufacturers, including Avon, Bridgestone, Continental, Cooper, Dunlop, Firestone, Goodyear, Hankook, Kumho, Michelin, Mohawk, Pirelli, Uniroyal, and Yokohama.

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Cheap car tyres fitted locally

All our car tyres are fitted by trained experts at our local branches.

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Whatever vehicle you drive, we have a huge selection of tyres to choose from. Select the best car tyres for you, from budget to premium, high-performance to off-road - all at competitive prices to suit your price range.

Accredited professionals

Here at Merityre Specialists, we are proud to announce that all of our branches have been accredited as Michelin Certified Centres and a number of our branches have been accredited as Pirelli Performance Centres. This means we use only the highest quality equipment and our fantastic team have consistently demonstrated excellent customer service and expertise - so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Free tyre inspection

Not sure how to check if your tyres are safe and legal? We will check the tyre pressure, tyre tread depth and the condition of your tyres for free. Visit your local branch for a free tyre inspection today.

Online car tyres

Ready to buy car tyres online with Merityre? Simply use the tyre calculator above to find the best car tyres for you. You can search by registration or tyre size. Alternatively, find your nearest Merityre Specialists branch and visit our expert team today.

When it comes to selecting tyres for your vehicle, the endless choice can be overwhelming. To break it down, here are some key points to consider before purchasing your car tyres:

  • Tyre Size – you will need to know the tyre size of your vehicle before purchasing. You can find this information on the tyre sidewall.
  • Tyre Specification – different vehicles require different tyres, so you should filter your results by choosing car, 4x4 or van tyres as required.
  • Tyre Price – another decision you will face is whether to buy budget or premium tyres. Take a look at our advice for further guidance on buying budget or premium tyres.
  • Season – when you buy your new tyres you should take into account the weather conditions that you want them to cope with. You can choose winter, summer or all season tyres for your vehicle. Read our information on seasonal tyres to find out what type of tyres you should go for, as well as how best to drive in seasonal weather conditions
  • Other requirements – if you are still faced with a difficult decision following the filters above, you should then think about what you demand from a tyre. Is it important that the tyre can perform at speed or that it is fuel efficient? To help you make an informed purchase, use the handy EU Tyre Label.

The correct tyre pressures enhance your handling capabilities, reduce your fuel consumption and promote even tyre wear, so it is important that you maintain them. The recommended pressures for your tyres are specified by your vehicle manufacturer and vary between vehicle make and models.

You can easily find the specified tyre pressures for your vehicle by checking your vehicle handbook, fuel cap or the inside edge of your car door. Tyre pressure is measured by calculating the air in your tyre in pounds per square inch (PSI).

As a car owner, it is your duty to ensure that your tyres meet legal requirements at all times. Below, we have listed some of the main reasons you might need to replace your tyres:

  • Low tread depth – if your tread depth has dropped below the legal minimum of 1.6mm, you must have these tyres replaced - or you could face a hefty fine and points on your licence. However, when tread drops below 3mm, gripping and handling properties are dramatically affected - so this might be a better time to replace tyres. Learn how to check your tread depth here.
  • Signs of damage – if you find any signs of damage such as cuts, lumps or bulges on your tyre, you should contact a tyre specialist - as driving on damaged tyres could be dangerous. You might not need to replace your tyres, as some damage can be repaired. Find out more about inspecting your tyres for damage.
  • Old age – most tyres will become worn or damaged before they have chance to age. However, if your tyres do start to show signs of aging, it is time to replace them. If cracks begin to appear or you have owned your tyres for over five years, you need to have them looked at by a tyre specialist. Pop into your local Merityre branch for help and advice.