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Electric vehicles (EVs) are changing the way that we drive, offering a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to traditional combustion engines. While the focus has primarily been on EV batteries and charging infrastructure, there's another critical component that's undergoing a revolution – Electric Car Tyres.

At Merityre we have partnered with a range of tyre manufacturers who are at the forefront of this tyre technology revolution. We source an extensive range of electric car tyres that are designed to optimise the performance and efficiency of electric vehicles.

Discover the advantages of electric car tyres?

Reduced rolling resistance, maximising battery range

One of the most significant advantages of electric tyres is their superior rolling resistance. By minimising friction with the road surface, these tyres allow your EV to travel further on a single charge. The tyres are engineered to reduce rolling resistance, which means less energy is required to move the vehicle forward. This translates to extended battery life and increased driving range for your EV.

Handling load for a safer drive

Safety is paramount when it comes to electric car tyres. Electric car tyres are engineered to handle the unique demands of electric vehicles, including the weight of the battery and their high torque. The enhanced load-bearing capacity ensures a safer and more stable driving experience.

Noise comfort for a quieter ride

Say goodbye to the rumble of traditional tyres. Electric car tyres are designed with noise and comfort in mind. The advanced tread pattern and materials reduce road noise, providing you with a quieter, more enjoyable ride.

Durability on par with conventional tyres

We understand durability is a top concern for our customers. Electric car tyres are built to last, with durability that matches or exceeds that of conventional car tyres. You won’t have to compromise on tyre life to enjoy the benefits of an electric car. These tyres are designed to withstand the rigors of daily driving while maintaining their excellent performance.

Tyres designed for Electric vehicles

Pirelli P Zero ELECT™

The Pirelli P Zero ELECT™ is a specialist tyre designed for electric vehicles. Designed to deliver the high levels of grip needed for the instant torque and power of an electric vehicle. Developed to be long-lasting, quiet and to maximise electric vehicle range.

  • Low rolling resistance for optimum electric vehicle range

  • Noise reducing technology for a quiet drive

  • Long-lasting tread wear

  • Reinforced structure to cope with extra EV weight

Bridgestone Turanza 6 Enlighten

Whether taking a corner on the highway or needing to brake unexpectedly in the city, Bridgestone’s Turanza 6 meets and exceeds expectations, even in wet conditions.

  • Best-in-class wet performance

  • Superior mileage

  • Improved fuel / energy efficiency

Continental SportContact™ 7

The Continental SportContact™7 is an EV ready tyre that has been designed to be extremely energy efficient. Safe in both wet and dry conditions, the addition of Black Chili™ technology in the tyre compound reduces tyre wear. Suitable for a wide range of vehicles including electric and hybrid.

  • Energy efficient

  • Reduces CO2 emissions

  • Long lasting tread

  • Superior control in wet and dry

Michelin E Primacy

The Michelin E-primacy is a premium summer tyre for electric and hybrid vehicles. It’s been designed to reduce energy consumption, be quiet on the road, extend EV battery range and provide high levels of grip in the wet, even when worn.

  • Extended battery range for electric vehicles

  • Reduced fuel consumption thanks to lowest rolling resistance

  • Long-lasting safety

  • Excellent longevity

Michelin Pilot Sport EV

The Michelin PilotSport EV is a high-performance summer tyre for electric and hybrid vehicles. It’s been designed to be quiet on the road, extend EV battery range and provide high levels of grip in the wet, even when worn.

  • Reliable grip for confident handling even at speed

  • Safe wet grip even when worn

  • Tests show increased battery range

  • Features acoustic technology for a quiet drive

Hankook iON Evo

Hankook’s iON is a tyre that has been exclusively developed for high-performance electric vehicles. The iON Evo tyre perfectly responds to the characteristics of electric vehicles with innovative EV technology and provides optimal driving performance.

  • Extended Tread Life

  • Even Tread Wear with optimised Ground Pressure Distribution

  • Further Reduced Rolling Resistance

  • Optimised Curing

  • Enhanced Cornering Stability

  • EV Contour Technology

  • Improved Steering at High Speeds

  • Excellent Traction

Kumho PS71 EV

The Kumho PS71 EV tyre has been specifically designed for electric vehicles to ensure optimum driving performance.

  • Optimised rolling resistance

  • Outstanding handling performance on wet roads

  • Quiet and comfortable handling