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What pressure should my car tyres be?

27th February 2019

Whether you’ve had that daunting warning light appear on the dashboard, or you feel as if your wheels are in need of some inflation, ensuring you know the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle is important to staying safe on the road. Find out what pressure your tyres should be with our helpful guide.

What should my tyre pressure be?

In most modern vehicles, the tyre pressure recommendations are written on the inside of the driver’s door. However, this can also be found in the manufacturer’s handbook if not situated on the door. Most passenger vehicles will recommend a PSI (pounds per square inch) of around 30 – 35 when the tyres are cold. However, it’s important to note that PSI can differ between each tyre – for example, your front two tyres may have a PSI of 35, whereas your back two tyres could have a PSI of 30.

Making certain your tyres are inflated to the right pressure is not only important to your safety on the road, but also to avoid receiving unwanted fines and points on your license if your tyres are below the legal requirement. Also, remember to avoid:

  • Over-inflation – this will lead to a bouncy ride and an ill-handling car.
  • Underinflation – this can lead to premature wear of your tyres from increased friction

This is why it’s so important to inflate your tyres to the correct tyre pressure that’s recommended – to ensure your tyres are working effectively, and you and your passengers are safe on the road.

When should you inflate your tyres?

In terms of frequency, it is recommended that your tyre pressure should be checked every 30 days, every 10-degree change in temperature, and/or before long journeys.

Referring to time of the day, ‘cold pressure’ is commonly spoken about when discussing tyre pressure. This refers to the optimum time when a tyre should be inflated – when the tyre is cold, such as first thing in the morning, or when it has been in the shade for a few hours. If the tyre is too warm, it will naturally swell and inflate and provide an inaccurate reading, meaning more air should have been pumped into it when checking your tyre pressure.

Now you know the correct tyre pressure for your car, come in to any of our Merityre local branches for a complimentary tyre check and to find out more about checking your tyre pressure today. Alternatively, for more information on what your tyre pressure should be, get in touch