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At Accelera, we’re all about performance, elegance, and safety. Accelera makes passenger car tyres and light truck tyres for passenger cars, SUVs, CUVs, and 4×4 vehicles, but where we truly shine is our performance tyre line-up. With tyre diameters as small as 14 inches and as large as 24 inches, and tyre widths as narrow as 155 mm and as wide as 325 mm, we make a tyre for every application, whether you’re looking for a tyre for your Mazda or Maserati.

With Accelera tyres, you don’t have to pick between tyre performance, traction, grip, or tread life. Our tyre patterns are designed to maximize handling and traction while increasing tyre life. Each tyre is manufactured using our in-house technology to ensure the highest standard of quality and performance.


Car Tyres


The Accelera PHI is an summer performance tyre that offers excellent handling and flexibility on different road surfaces. Some key features include a dynamic medium lateral groove and a straight, medium rib. Whether you’re looking for a race tyre or a reliable everyday tyre, the PHI is an excellent choice because of it’s versatility, 400 treadwear rating, and grip PHI and cornering abilities.

Focused features:

·        DYNAMIC MEDIUM LATERAL GROOVE provides improved wet handling and rolling resistance

·        SHOULDER BLOCK provides better cornering stability and noise reduction

·        STRAIGHT, MEDIUM RIB improves stability and flexibility on dry road surfaces



The Accelera PHI 2 is just like our PHI tyre, but for wider fitment vehicles. A summer performance tyre that offers excellent handling and stability, the PHI 2 features a dynamic medium lateral groove and a straight, dry rib. The Accelera PHI 2 is the ideal choice for drivers looking for a solid everyday tyre or a tyre they can learn to race on.

Focused features:

·        DYNAMIC MEDIUM LATERAL GROOVE provides improved wet handling and rolling resistance

·        SHOULDER BLOCK designed to allow better cornering stability and reduced noise

·        STRAIGHT DRY RIB ensures stability and flexibility on the road


The Accelera PHI R is just like our PHI tyre, but with an updated tread design. A summer performance tyre that offers excellent handling and stability, the PHI-R features a triple rib design and additional sipes to improve steering ability and reduce noise. The versatility of the tyre compound makes the Accelera PHI R an ideal choice for drivers looking for a solid everyday tyre or a tyre they can learn to race on.

Focused features:

·        TRIPLE RIB improves high speed stability and better steering response

·        SHOULDER BLOCKS provide improved cornering and maneuvering stability

·        ADDITIONAL SIPES allow pattern noise reduction

Eco Plush

The Eco Plush is Accelera’s summer tyre for passenger cars. Some key features includes three main ribs, mini diagonal grooves, and center ribs with adaptive sipes. The Eco Plush maximizes ride comfort and minimizes noise, making it a solid, reliable choice for your everyday driving needs.

Focused features:

·        THREE MAIN RIBS provide excellent grip and low noise

·        MAIN GROOVE AND MINI DIAGONAL GROOVES enable rapid water evacuation for improved wet handling and traction

·        CENTER RIBS WITH ADAPTIVE SIPES improve rolling and braking, and provide traction while accelerating

4X4 Tyres

Iota ST68

The Iota ST68 is a modern spin on the original Iota tyre designed for SUVs. Engineered for a comfortable ride and longer tyre life, this SUV tyre is an excellent choice for year-round performance. Some key features include three interlocked block lanes for quick steering response and exclamation sipes to maintain traction during wet conditions.

Focused features:

·        MAIN GROOVES clear water from surface area in contact with the road to prevent aquaplaning

·        THREE INTERLOCKED BLOCK LANES provide directional stability and quick steering response

·        EXCLAMATION SIPES break thin layering of water to prevent aquaplaning and maintain traction in wet weather conditions

Omikron HT

The Omikron HT is a highway tyre for SUV and light truck applications. Some key features are three semi ribs with interlocked blocks, four wide grooves, and a wide tread. The silica compound and tyre design ensure a smooth, stable, and quiet ride. The Accelera Omikron HT is also available in LT-metric commercial application tyre sizes.

Focused features:

·        THREE SEMI RIBS WITH INTERLOCKED BLOCKS maintain stability on the highway, offer driving comfort and a quiet ride

·        FOUR WIDE GROOVES drain water rapidly to prevent aquaplaning and enhance performance on wet surfaces

·        WIDE TREAD WITH SILICA COMPOUND improves traction. Particularly effective in cold, wet environments

MT 01

The Accelera MT-01 is an aggressive mud-terrain tyre that fits all your off-road needs. Unique tread blocks, a deep tread design, and an open scalloped hump will keep you “grounded” while you’re off-roads. Don’t let the aggressive pattern fool you–the Accelera MT-01 is engineered to reduce noise levels and maintain smoothness, no matter how tough the terrain.

Focused features:

·        UNIQUE TREAD BLOCKS WITH WIDE CENTER SIPES increase off-road traction

·        OPEN SCALLOPED HUMP TREAD offer superior tracking on off-road surfaces; situated between block slots to drain water rapidly, as well as throw away trapped rocks, mud and other foreign material

·        DEEP TREAD DESIGN allows strong hold on ground surfaces and maintains grip on loose surfaces

Race Tyres

651 Sport race

The 651 Sport is Accelera’s street legal race compound tire with a semi-slick tread. With two main ribs, a water film breaker, and three directional grooves, the 651 Sport is engineered for precise handling and quick steering response, both on and off the track. The 651 Sport comes in both 100 treadwear and 200 treadwear, making it perfect for drift and track applications. It’s versatility also makes the 651 Sport a good choice for limited daily driving needs.

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As well as Accelera tyres, we also stock a range of tyres from premium tyre manufacturers including Accelera, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodride, Goodyear, Hankook, Kumho, Laufenn, Michelin, Pirelli and Yokohama.


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