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Manufactured by leading global tyre company Hankook, all Laufenn tyres have integrated advanced technology and safety features, optimising performance in wet and dry conditions. Laufenn tyres are only supplied to selected retailers.

The Laufenn range currently covers the majority of the UK car and van tyre market, and each pattern offers a wide variety of sizes. Laufenn is always evolving and constantly introducing new sizes and patterns to suit the everyday needs of drivers around the UK.

Produced and tailored for European driving, Laufenn products undergo rigorous track testing to ensure total suitability for UK roads.

Summer car tyres


Luxury summer tyre designed for a powerful and sporty performance, with outstanding wet and dry driving capabilities.

·       Provides a sporty and ultra-high-performance tyre, without compromising on comfort or safety.

·       Outstanding wet and dry performance with excellent handling and braking, for a reliable and durable drive.

·       Impressive grip and steering control, throughout powerful acceleration and even when cornering.

G FIT EQ+ (LK41)

Ultra-high-performance summer car tyre, with impressive wear life and fuel efficiency, as well as optimal wet braking and handling.

·       A comfortable, low noise performance tyre.

·       Long wear life and higher fuel efficiency, for a reliable and durable drive.

·       Impressive wet breaking and handling on slippery roads.

G FIT EQ+ (LK41)

A high performing summer car tyre with greatly improved wet braking and handling, as well as a comfortable, fuel efficient and eco-friendly ride.

·       Impressive and ultra safe wet braking and handling.

·       Reliable, comfortable, and smooth driving experience.

·       A comfortable and eco-friendly ride, with impressive thread life, road wear and fuel efficiency.

All season tyres

G FIT 4S (LH71)

Ideal choice for drivers looking for exceptional performance, value, and safety all year-round, whatever the weather.

·       Multi-safety performance tyre, ensuring impressive braking and handling.

·       Improved thread grip and steering for full control on the roads.

·       Optimal driving experience 365 days a year, reliable and durable on dry, wet, icy and snowy roads.

Winter car tyres

I FIT+ (LW31)

Studless winter tyre that provides drivers with a comfortable, safe, and reliable driving performance on snowy, icy and wet winter roads.

·       Comfortable, safe, and reliable driving experience, even in challenging winter conditions.

·       Ultimate winter braking, handling, and grip.

·       Impressive snow and ice traction, steering and control.

4x4 on road tyres


Durable summer SUV tyre, with optimised wet and dry performance, providing a reliable and safe drive.

·       Optimised driving performance on wet and dry roads.

·       A secure and stable drive, with maximum comfort, and low road noise.

·       Durable tyre thread design with long wear life, designed to prevent damage from external impact and protect the tyre.

4x4 All Terrain tyres


Impressive traction, braking and durable all-terrain 4x4 capabilities, with tough and damage resistant thread on and off the road.

·       Reliable and durable on off-road tyre, designed to resist external damage and wear.

·       Improved all-terrain, 4x4 traction and braking in wet conditions.

·       Tough tread, excellent grip, handling, and control on challenging road surfaces.

Summer van tyres


Impressive wet and dry handling, braking, durability and improved milage.

·       Optimised wet and dry performance, with impressive braking and handling.

·       Secure stability, control, and performance steering.

·       Long thread life, better mileage, improved durability, and resistance to external damage.

Winter van tyres

Merityre offer extremely competitive prices across a range of Laufenn tyre sizes, so contact your nearest fitting branch to check our latest tyre deals. Buy Laufenn tyres online from us today – simply view our tyres to buy page.

As well as Laufenn tyres, we also stock a range of tyres from premium tyre manufacturers including Accelera, Avon, Bridgestone, Continental, Cooper®, Dunlop, Firestone, Goodride, Goodyear, Hankook, Kumho, Laufenn, Michelin, Pirelli, Uniroyal, Vredestein and Yokohama.


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