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As a leading car tyre supplier, Merityre has been specialising in car tyres since our business started in 1961. We supply all leading and economy brands from our UK warehouse and in addition we can provide direct container shipments from factory to customer.

This direct supply facility cuts out tyre shipping and storage costs and is the fastest growing part of our export business.

From our warehouse at Andover UK, flexibility is our maxim — we can mix car and truck tyres, different brands, tools and garage equipment in the same container and we aim to ship within 21 days of receipt of order.

We are more than happy to ship less than container load quantities, economical shipping rates can be achieved for as little as 100 car tyres.

Worldwide Tyre Shipping

Merityre can airfreight tyres in small quantities to trade customers across the world. Many car dealerships use this express facility.

With direct factory shipments generally truck and car tyres of the same brand can be mixed in a container.

Merityre Specialists Ltd are very pleased to be able to offer quality tyres directly from the factories in the Far East. This is by far the most cost-effective method for stocking your inventory, and along with our roster of brands, we can offer competitive shipping on 20ft and 40ft containers from China, directly to your location. All tyre types available from PCR, LTR, SUV, TBR and even OTR tyres!

Used Tyres shipping

With over 24 fitting branches here in the UK, Merityre changes anywhere between 4000-6000 tyres a week! The tyres we change are then collected, sorted, inspected, cleaned, painted and prepared for export. All tyres come with around 3mm of tread, can be shipped in 20ft or 40ft containers, and can also be mixed with new tyres and garage equipment from our extensive warehouse.

Car Tyre Brands Available For Direct Factory Shipment

Want to find out more information about our tyre shipping capabilities? As a leading car tyre supplier, we’re always happy to help. Get in touch with our expert team now.

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