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Many motorists choose to fill their tyres with nitrogen rather than compressed air as it will maintain tyre pressure for longer, enhance fuel efficiency and reduces the risk of corrosion to the wheel or tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

For a long time, aircraft and racing cars have used purified nitrogen to inflate tyres instead of compressed air, because tyre pressure is reduced at a much lower rate, allowing for better road holding and gripping capabilities.

What are the Benefits of Nitrogen Inflated Tyres?

The compressed air used to inflate tyres is made up of 78% nitrogen, oxygen and water vapour. Pure nitrogen has larger particles and is drier than compressed air which provides the following benefits:

  • Slower rate of pressure loss because the larger particles cannot permeate the tyre casing as quickly

  • Better road holding and grip as the tyre remains inflated to the correct pressure for a longer period of time

  • Enhanced fuel efficiency due to the tyre's ability to retain its pressure

  • There will be no corrosion inside the wheel because nitrogen is a dry gas, whereas water vapour in compressed air can cause corrosion to the wheel and the TPMS equipment

  • Longer tyre life because nitrogen filled tyres operate at a cooler temperature which helps to reduce friction

How do I Switch to Nitrogen Inflated Tyres?

At Merityre Specialists you can request to have new tyres inflated with nitrogen instead of compressed air. We also can fully deflate the tyres you are using and re-fill with nitrogen.

If you choose to have your tyres filled with nitrogen, keep in mind that all four tyres and your spare must be changed at the same time, and from now on, it is important that you only use nitrogen when topping your tyre pressures up.

Although tyre pressure is lost at a slower rate when filled with nitrogen, you will still need to regularly check your tyre pressure!

Merityre Specialists recommend that all four tyres and your spare tyre are refilled with nitrogen

We charge £2.04 per wheel for this service in our branches

Online tyre prices include nitrogen inflation

Subsequent tyre rechecks and nitrogen top-ups, if required, are free of charge


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