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Car air conditioning tips

17th June 2020

As the summer months are approaching, the demand for using our air conditioning systems in our vehicles naturally becomes higher. But is there a right and a wrong way to use our car air con? And are you wondering how car air conditioning works? From the top air con mistakes to avoid to details on how air conditioning works in vehicles, our air conditioning tips guide has you covered all year round.

How does air conditioning work in a car?

As the name suggest, air conditioning 'conditions' the air in your vehicle through a system which works through vents and nozzles to circulate air around your vehicle. This reduces the humidity content and the moisture in the air - improving visibility as well as altering the temperature in the car. The main principles for car air con are evaporation and condensation - removing the existing heat and moisture that's already in the vehicle, and replacing this with cooler air.

Car air conditioning mistakes to avoid

However, there are often some mistakes and misconceptions people have regarding using your car's air conditioning in the right way. Some of these include:

  • Not using your aircon all year round - people often argue that by using your air conditioning in the winter, this might use unnecessary fuel. However, it's actually very important to continue using your air conditioning during the winter - as this can allow the coolant to move around the system, avoids coolant build up and avoid moisture build up on the vent ducts - which can cause bacteria or mould. It's also pretty handy for helping to de-mist your windscreen!
  • Cranking it up to full blast - our natural instinct when we step into a hot vehicle is to crank up the air con full blast. However, this is a common mistake people make. Air conditioning takes a lot longer to work effectively if it's simply recirculating hot air. Instead, open all the windows and doors (if you have time) and allow the car's temperature to adjust. After a few minutes, you can turn on the air con and it should work much more effectively.
  • Air vent direction - another air conditioning misconception is that air conditioning vents are supposed to be pointed towards passengers. This is inaccurate - the nozzles should actually be pointed towards the roof of the car. This distributes air flow more evenly, and consistently to all passengers travelling in the vehicle - and cools the vehicle faster.
  • Recirculation - turning on the 'recirculation' option is often also a car air conditioning mistake to avoid. Although this circulates air around the car consistently, and keeps the car cool, it can actually cause the windows to fog and reduce visibility. Look for an 'Auto' option on your vehicle - as this will allow the car to regulate itself, and prevent fogging.

Car air con maintenance tips

Similar to other car parts, such as your tyres, brake fluid and your vehicle's engine, it's important to perform regular car air con maintenance to your vehicle's air con system. Here at Merityre Specialists, we offer our expert air conditioning recharge service, which ensures the system is performing to its optimal potential. It's important to ensure this service is scheduled into your motoring calendar - as air conditioning services are not a part of routine vehicle servicing. It's recommended this service occurs every 2 years. Find out more from our ultimate guide to air conditioning recharge.

Now you've learnt the top car air con tips to avoid mistakes with your system, find out more information on our air conditioning services by getting in touch with one of our experts today. Locate your nearest Merityre branch to book in for your air conditioning service.