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Car Servicing now available at Witney

20th May 2015

We are excited to announce that car servicing is now available at our Witney branch. With prices from just £89, there are three levels available to choose from - Bronze, Silver or Gold: each offering your car a different level of care.

A lot of people think that a service is the same as an MOT, but this is definitely not the case. A regular service is needed to take care of your car and the wear and tear of its parts and fluids. The MOT is a periodic technical inspection for safety only. It is not designed to repair or replace worn vehicle components.

A healthy vehicle tends to be a more affordable vehicle. An un-serviced car is much more likely to have a shorter life expectancy and higher fuel costs over its lifetime. The little things you may put off, like an oil change for example can quickly turn into big and expensive problems. If left too long oil can congeal and starve your engine of lubrication. The cost of an oil change is much less than the cost of a new engine.

Give your car the love and care it needs by contacting Merityre Specialists Witney to book your car in for a service at a time convenient to you.

Other services available from our Witney branch include; Tyres, exhausts, wheel alignment, batteries, brakes, air conditioning and TPMS.