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Why buy MICHELIN Tyres

15th April 2015

Continual investment in research has allowed tyre industry leaders Michelin, to develop a range of consistently high-quality products that ensure maximum safety, offer improved performance and give increased reliability for their customers.

Drivers who choose to fit MICHELIN tyres to their vehicles, benefit from their key construction characteristics;


Shorter stopping distances

In dry conditions, MICHELIN tyres stop faster than cheaper rivals, with the MICHELIN Pilot stopping 5 metres shorter than its budget competitors. In wet conditions, MICHELIN tyres really excel. A recent 'What Car?' test found that in the wet, stopping distances for the MICHELIN Pilot tyre increased by just 11 metres, compared to its stopping distance in dry conditions. Some budget tyres took almost three times longer than this to stop in wet conditions, taking an additional 30 metres to stop on top of their dry stopping distances.


Improved grip and handling

A recent 'What Car?' test found that the MICHELIN Pilot tyres have the highest lateral grip of market leaders. The patented blend of complex rubber compounds and special tread design of a premium tyre like the MICHELIN Primacy 3, optimises grip in all conditions to deliver excellent braking on dry roads, wet roads and when cornering in the wet.


Better fuel efficiency

Innovative compounds that reduce rolling resistance are used in fuel-efficient tyres like the MICHELIN Energy Saver+. This feature reduces fuel consumption and saves drivers around 60+ litres of fuel per year. MICHELIN tyres also give drivers more efficient braking and acceleration response, which contributes to improving fuel efficiency; particularly when driving around towns where roughly 30% of fuel consumption is due to tyres.


Increased longevity

The durable security compounds used in tyres such as the MICHELIN Energy Saver, ensures that the tyre lasts and lasts. The MICHELIN Energy Saver actually lasts 6,000 miles longer than its European competitors.


New technologies

MICHELIN has been leading the market in terms of new products and technologies for decades. Continual investment in research and design has allowed MICHELIN to develop innovative products such as the new tyre formula 'Green Power Compound'. This technology has been used in the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 3 which offers a unique combination of safety, durability and energy efficiency according to tests and their results.


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