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Merityre Specialists sell and fit the full range of AlloyGator products for all makes and models of cars at our Andover branch. We will be making Alloygators available at all other Merityre branches very soon.

What are AlloyGators?

AlloyGator is a patented alloy wheel protection system which extends the life of alloy wheels. The AlloyGator sits between the alloy wheel and the tyre and offers wheel protection against kerb damage, saving time and money on repairs.

Constructed using a ‘super tough nylon’, these protective rims will vastly reduce the risk of wheel damage. Take a look at AlloyGators in action here:

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Choosing your AlloyGators

There is an AlloyGator for every wheel, however, some wheel and tyre combinations do work better than others. AlloyGator recommend viewing the close up photos available here to see which wheel and tyre combinations will work best. If you need further clarification, call Merityre Andover.

AlloyGator wheel rim protectors are not recommended for machine polished or diamond cut alloy wheels.

The AlloyGator sits between the alloy wheel and the tyre, not only protecting the alloy wheel but also enhancing its appearance. The system is available in nine different colours, so you are sure to find one which suits your vehicle and personal style. These colours include vibrant and stylish brights such as red, blue, green, yellow, orange and pink. AlloyGator also come in black, white and silver which give a more discreet appearance and can lengthen the appearance of your alloy wheels or blend in to your tyres.

Fitting AlloyGators

The AlloyGator is locked to the wheel over 360 degrees using highly robust patented technology. These can be fitted by our team of experts at our Andover branch.

Although it is recommended that you have your AlloyGators fitted professionally, you can fit AlloyGators to your wheels at home, take a look at this video for guidance:

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If you are interested in purchasing AlloyGator alloy wheel protector rims simply head to our Andover branch to take a look. We stock the full range of AlloyGator products and offer fitment to your vehicle. For further information, call the team at Merityre Specialists Andover or have a look at the AlloyGator website.

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