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Continental tyres provide high levels of safety and performance and are trusted by motorists and vehicle manufacturers alike. Take a look at some of their innovative products in action in the videos below.

Merityre Specialists offer a wide range of Continental tyres available to buy online. Take a look at the range of Continental tyres we stock.

ContiPremiumContact 5

A premium tyre offering shorter braking distances, excellent handling and high comfort levels. Watch this video to see them in action.

ContiEcoContact 5

The ContiEcoContact 5 is Continental’s first true high performance tyre combining reduced rolling resistance with superior handling. Take a look at this video to see how Continental successfully accomplishes these two conflicting ideals.

ContiSportContact 5

Discover a high performance ride with ultimate control in the ContiSportContact 5. Watch this video to explore the potential this tyre has to offer.

ContiWinterContact TS 850P

With shorter stopping distances and increased protection against aquaplaning, the ContiWinterContact TS 850 is a superior choice for winter driving. Watch this video to find out more.

ContiWinterContact TS 850

A premium tyre offering shorter braking distances, excellent handling and high comfort levels. Watch this video to see them in action.

Continental SportContact 6

The SportContact 6 is a superior summer tyre labelled by Continental as their first ‘Ultra Ultra High Performance’ tyre. Constructed with a new, innovative Micro Flexibility Compound, this tyre ensures optimal interlocking between its surface and the road.

Continental Tyres are located in West Drayton in Middlesex. Continental's product range is vast with tyres for most replacement tyre requirements for cars, 4x4s and vans.

The main brands marketed in the UK and Republic of Ireland includes Uniroyal, Semperit and Continental.

For technical information on Continental please visit Continental Tyres - product information on UK tyres

Merityre offer extremely competitive prices across a range of different tyre sizes, so contact your nearest fitting branch to check our latest tyre deals. It is possible on some cars to fit a different tyre brand from the tyres that are currently on the car so it's worth investigating your options by speaking to our tyre specialists although some car manufacturers may recommend using the same brand of tyres that originally came on the vehicle as they may have worked with a specific tyre manufacturer to develop a tyre that can improve the car's performance.

We stock a range of premium tyre manufacturers including Avon, Bridgestone, Continental, Cooper, Dunlop, Firestone, Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin, Mohawk, Pirelli, Uniroyal, Vredestein and Yokohama.


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