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5 ways to reuse old tyres

1st September 2022

Whether you’ve recently changed your summer tyres to winter tyres, or have just treated yourself to some new tyres altogether – what do you do with your old or spare tyres that are no longer of use to you? We’ve listed our top 5 funky and functional ways to reuse and recycle old tyres to inspire you to turn your old tyres into something brand new.

1. Swing

One of the easiest ways to recycle an old tyre is to turn it into a tyre swing. All you will need to do is:

  • make sure you wash down the tyre well
  • drill some drainage holes in the tyre to stop rainwater from accumulating
  • purchase the correct heavy-duty braided rope that is three times the weight you are making the swing for
  •  Finally, ensure you have the right tree with a sturdy branch before suspending the tyre from the branch and securing it to the rope with a double bowline knot for maximum safety

2. Sand pit

Another cheap and easy way to make good use out of an old or spare tyre is to turn it into a self-contained sand pit - perfect for kids. Simply add a couple of bags of sand into the centre of the tyre and add a parasol to shelter from the sun. You could also customise the tyre and paint it a reflective colour to keep the tyre from getting too hot.

3. Pond

As rubber is a sealant, old or spare tyres make great support and shape for garden ponds. You can easily bury, tier, or stack them to create a serene pond or fountain. Simply dig a trench for the tyre, line the tyre with pond liner and tuck the edges into the trench, weigh down with rocks and surround with plants or flowers. Finally, fill the tyre with water and add any additional extras such as lighting or even fish to create a tranquil setting.

4. Planters

For anyone who has green fingers, tyres make excellent planters for the garden. Simply clean your tyre, line it, add drainage holes and decide where you would like your planter to live. Once you’ve decided on its location, fill with soil and your desired plants or flowers. If you decide to hang your tyre planter, ensure you fill it the same way you would a hanging basket. If you decide to place your planter on the patio or grass, be sure to fill it as you would a plant pot. The plants that are best suited for a tyre planter are small shrubs or perennials as their roots do not need to be dug very deep.

5. Table

Tyres can make a good foundation for furniture. You can stack tyres to your desired height and add a tabletop made of glass or wood, either material would work well depending on the finish you are going for. You can paint and decorate the tyre base however you wish.

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