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A guide to tyre storage

26th April 2022

With the change in seasons, you might also be thinking about changing your tyres. Whether you are switching from winter tyres to summer tyres, or simply storing your spare tyres, understanding tyre storage is essential. By not correctly storing your tyres, this could cause their lifespan to be shortened and compromise the safety of your vehicle. Read everything you need to know about tyre storage solutions in our helpful guide.

Storing tyres at home

Storing tyres at home isn’t too hard - you can safely preserve your tyres by following a few simple steps:

Clean your tyres – remove any dirt, grime or salt that may be stuck in the tread of your tyres. Once your tyres are fully clean, leave them to dry overnight, or you could pat them dry with a towel.

Find a large plastic bag for each tyre – once you have managed to fit the tyre into the bag, use a vacuum cleaner to remove all of the air out of the bag. An airtight bag prevents the natural oils in the tyre rubber to evaporate – this is crucial, as dry tyres are likely to develop cracks over time.

How to store winter tyres

Storing winter tyres is a bit different – UV rays and heat can have a negative impact on these tyres, and therefore it’s not recommended that they are stored in a plastic bag. With winter tyres, a garage works best as they can keep cool – but it is important that they are on a shady and cold spot.

If you don’t have a garage, you may want to use a tyre storage service that can keep your tyres in a well-ventilated area until they are ready to be used again. Check out our tyre hotel services - we can keep your tyres in top condition for a budget price. Simply ask your local Merityre garage to find out about your nearest tyre hotel. Once you’ve found a tyre hotel near you, the next decision will be whether to store your tyres with your wheel. If you decide to store both wheel and tyre, then they should be placed horizontally. If you opt for storing tyres without the wheel, then sanding up vertically is more suitable.

How to store summer tyres

Storing summer tyres in the winter can be equally as difficult, as cold temperatures can cause summer tyres to crack and deflate. It’s best to store summer tyres indoors if your home has an internal garage ideal. If not, a tyre hotel is the best option.

How long do tyres last in storage?

When stored correctly, tyres can last around six to ten years – this is far longer than tyres that are regularly used, as they tend to have a lifespan of three years or so. However, if the tyres aren’t stored properly, this could lead them to deteriorate. If you plan to use your tyres after storing them for a long time, check for any signs of potential damage before using them on the road.

Here at Merityre, we have a wide range of tyres to buy from leading tyre manufacturers. For more information, get in touch with our helpful team or book a car service online.