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Are studded snow tyres legal in the UK?

27th November 2019

The simple answer is no – studded tyres are illegal in the UK, as they can cause damage to the road surface. However, there are some instances in the UK where you can use studded tyres. Learn more from our ultimate guide on winter studded tyres in the UK now.

When can you use studded tyres?

There are some UK tyre companies that provide a studding tyre service. However, if you ever want to use studded tyres in the UK, this is only legal when you use them off-road as opposed to everyday driving on UK roads. This is due to the damage studded tyres causes to roads and tarmac terrain. In Oregon, USA, a report suggested that studded winter tyres caused on average $8.5 billion worth of damage to highways – so it’s clear to see why this type of tyre is illegal in the UK.

What countries use studded snow tyres?

Other countries such as France and Germany have also banned vehicles driving on studded tyres to protect their roads – as studded winter tyres can create wear and tear to tarmac, which could lead to potentially uneven and dangerous road terrain.

However, there are some countries in Europe (typically Nordic countries with extreme winters) and states in North America where studded winter tyres are legal. Studded snow tyres are particularly helpful in snowy and icy conditions – hence why countries with severe winter conditions recommend studded tyres for driving around. Studded tyres provide extra grip, improve control of the vehicle and enhance the safety aspect for the driver and passengers. In some countries, such as Denmark, studded tyres are actually a legal requirement for all wheels of the vehicle.

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