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Budget v Premium Tyres

21st July 2015

Should you buy Budget or Premium Tyres for your car?

Buying tyres can be overwhelming and with such a wide range of choice on offer it's difficult to know where to begin. One of the first choices you will need to make is whether to go for quality budget or premium brand tyres. Is opting for cheaper tyres really a bargain or are they just as good as the premium ones? Merityre Specialists have done some research to help you find out.


Budget Tyres

Essentially, the main difference between budget and premium tyres is the price and budget tyres are usually the top choice for people looking for a more economical solution. Many people question the quality and safety of budget tyres, but most budget brand tyres manufactured today are of a good quality and are safe. Although, these tyres can lack the performance of premium tyres and despite being quality, it is unlikely they will be of the same standard as premium tyres.


Premium Tyres

Premium tyres boast trusted, well-known brand names and long histories. The manufacturers have been around for decades and sell tyres all over the world in their billions. Premium tyres will have been meticulously tested and checked before making their way to you. High competition between manufacturers mean that premium tyre standards are rising as they race to create the safest, fastest and most quality tyres. The price tag, however, reflects this.


Tyre Lifetime

Typically, premium tyres tend to be longer lasting than budget tyres, but there is no such thing as an average life cycle for a tyre. Many other factors will also influence the life of your tyre including city driving, driving on under inflated tyres and incorrect wheel alignment. You can drastically extend the life of both budget and premium tyres by looking after your tyres correctly, click here for some tips on tyre maintenance.


Cost Effectiveness

Budget tyres are obviously the cheaper option, but are they the most economical? A large part of this answer depends upon how, as a driver, you will look after your tyres. Premium tyres will generally last longer, however, someone buying premium brand tyres who does not look after them is simply wasting money.


The EU tyre label

If you are still torn between budget and premium tyres the EU tyre label is a helpful guide to aid your decision. If you don't know how to read the EU tyre label take a look at our helpful guide here. This guide can help you to see how tyres compete against each other so you can be sure that you are choosing a tyre which meets your specifications, in terms of wet braking performance, noise emission and fuel efficiency. Typically, premium brand tyres perform higher in these tests, but you can still find budget tyres which will meet your requirements.


Which Tyre is for me?

Before you select your tyres think about what you need from them. There isn't really a good or bad tyre, it simply depends on what you are expecting from your drive. Try to avoid buying the cheapest tyres or the most well-known brand name for the sake of it and instead choose your tyres based on your driving style and requirements, in a way which suits your budget.


At Merityre we have a huge range of budget and premium tyres from top manufacturers available to buy online and our range is designed to suit a variety of budgets. Buy your tyres online from Merityre and have them fitted at your local branch at a time that suits you. Alternatively, visit your local Merityre branch for extra advice and guidance on choosing the right tyres for your vehicle.