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Check Your Tyre Pressure This Tyre Safety Month!

1st October 2017

Keeping your tyres in good condition keeps you safe on the road. Here at Merityre Specialists we are dedicated to tyre safety and ensuring that our customers are aware of how to keep their tyres correctly inflated, check tread depth and look for damage. October is Tyre Safety Month and we will be offering free tyre checks at all our centres to ensure that your tyres meet legal and safety requirements.

Tyre Safety Month is an annual campaign promoted by TyreSafe to spread awareness of the importance of looking after your tyres. This year, TyreSafe launched an investigation in to tyre pressures and uncovered some surprising findings!

Did You Know

Tyre pressure affects the way that your vehicle handles and therefore affects your safety on the road. When a tyre is correctly inflated to manufacturer’s specification it will make optimal contact with the surface of the road which enables maximum grip.

If a tyre is under-inflated the intended contact patch of the tyre will not maintain contact, meaning that gripping capabilities, braking distances and road holding will be affected.

Under-inflated tyres require more momentum to move and this means that your engine has to work harder, increasing your fuel consumption.

In addition to affecting your safety on the road, tyres which are not correctly inflated will wear more rapidly as the tread comes in uneven contact with the road, causing excess wear on the tyre sidewall and making them more prone to damage as excess friction is produced between tyre and road.

TyreSafe Results

In their 2017 campaign, TyreSafe have taken a look at tyre pressure and the impacts incorrectly inflated tyres have on our roads, our safety and our bank balances! In this study TyreSafe found:

  • 35% of tyres in the UK are being driven at least 8psi below the vehicle manufacturer recommendation
  • 3% more fuel is used when pressure is 6psi below the recommended pressure
  • £600 million per year is wasted on fuel costs by British motorists driving with under-inflated tyres
  • For every 10% a tyre is under-inflated its wear increases by up to 10%

These results prove that by simply checking your tyre pressure every three weeks you could reduce your fuel consumption and lower the risk of being in an accident on the road.

Learn how to check your tyre pressure.

FREE Tyre Checks

Visit your local Merityre Specialists branch for a FREE tyre safety check this October. Our trained tyre specialists will check your tyre pressure, tread depth and inspect for any signs of tyre damage to help you stay safe on the road.