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Common MOT Fails and How to Avoid Them

22nd February 2024

Is your car more than three years old? It must undergo an MOT test. Ensuring your vehicle is in good shape is essential to passing your MOT. Did you know your car can fail its MOT due to worn or damaged tyres or broken lights? Avoid the most common MOT fails and pass your MOT test every time with our helpful article. 

Broken or Faulty Lights 

Data from the DVLA found that over 11% of vehicles failed their MOT due to lighting faults between April and June 2023. This could include faulty, loose, blown, or broken bulbs. Turn your car on and switch all your lights on. Faulty lights can easily cause your vehicle to fail its MOT.  

Walk around your car and check all the lights are working correctly, which includes: 

  • Headlights 
  • Rear lights 
  • Brake lights 
  • Indicator lights 
  • Hazard lights  
  • Fog lights 
  • Number plate light 

You should also check for any damage on your vehicle’s light casings. If you notice a crack, this should be replaced as soon as possible. If the casing is misty, you can buy demisting kits that avoid the need to replace the light casings. You can avoid failing your MOT by replacing your broken or faulty light bulbs by booking an essential service at your local Merityre centre. One of our specialists will ensure any faulty lights on your car are replaced so you can drive safely. 

Worn or Damaged Tyres 

Worn or damaged tyres are another common fault that could cause your car to fail its MOT. According to the DVLA, over 6% of vehicles had failed their MOT test due to damaged or dangerous tyres. Our specialists can inspect your tyres for any tears, lumps or bulges and replace them when necessary. Use our tyre tread guide to learn how to check the tread on your tyres. 

Suspension Damage 

The DVLA found that nearly 9% of all MOT failures have involved damage to your vehicle’s suspension system. Signs that your car has suspension issues may involve: 

  • The car leans to one side. 
  • Your vehicle drifts when going around corners. 
  • Leaky shock absorbers or snapped springs. 

If you notice that your car has suspension damage and the wheels are not aligned correctly, we recommend arranging a free wheel alignment check with us. 

Brake Problems 

Issues with the braking system account for nearly 7% of all MOT test failures. Have you noticed your car pulling to one side, or the car’s brakes are worn out? Book a free brake check at your nearest Merityre branch. One of our specialists will replace your worn or damaged car brakes with new ones, ensuring that you pass your MOT test with flying colours. 

Are you wondering if your car’s MOT is up for renewal? You can enter your car’s registration number into our registration checker, which tells you when to book your vehicle for its annual MOT test. Book your annual MOT online with Merityre at one of our branches today.