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Do electric vehicles need servicing?

12th April 2023

What is an electric vehicle? 

Electric vehicles, also known as EVs, run only on battery power that charges from an external power source such as an electric motor that is powered by electricity from batteries or a fuel cell - unlike traditional vehicles that use a petrol or diesel powered engine. Electric vehicles are cheaper to maintain as there is a lot less to wear out compared to the gearbox and engine of an internal combustion car. 

Do electric vehicles need servicing? 

Yes, electric vehicles do require servicing. You should aim to service an electric vehicle just as often as you would service a petrol or diesel car.  

How often do electric vehicles need servicing? 

Just like a regular car service, electric vehicles may also need an interim or full service. An interim service usually takes place at around 6,000 miles or 6 months whereas a full service is required every 12,000 miles or 12 months. As electric vehicles have fewer moving parts, some manufacturers have longer service intervals. We recommend you check your owner’s manual for the correct service interval that is required by your vehicle.  

Condition-based servicing  

Some electric vehicles, usually newer models, have a ‘condition-based’ servicing, which is also known as smart maintenance. This means your car can let you know when a service is required by monitoring the condition of all major parts.  

What is included in an electric car service? 

As electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than a conventional fuel vehicle, the checks will be fewer. Some of these checks include:  


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