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Driving on a flat tyre

17th October 2019

There's a lot of speculation on whether or not you can drive on a flat tyre. People often wonder, how far can you drive on a flat tyre? And can you drive with a nail in your tyre? Find out everything you need to know about driving on a flat tyre from our helpful guide.

Can you drive on a flat tyre?

Ultimately, if you have experienced a flat tyre while out on the roads, it is not advised to continue driving the vehicle. This is due to the danger an incorrectly working tyre would subject you to, not to mention the safety of others around you. It is recommended that if you experience a flat tyre whilst driving, you stop in a safe place and seek tyre repair or replacement as soon as possible. Driving with a flat tyre will impact the control and handling of your vehicle, your braking and steering and your general ability to drive safely - so it's important to get this sorted as quickly as you can.

How far can you drive on a flat tyre?

The only time where driving on a flat tyre is acceptable is when you are driving to get to a safe place to stop. This kind of distance would usually only be to get to the hard shoulder on a motorway, pull into a side road or a car park. Travelling for a longer distance on a flat tyre is considered reckless and dangerous - and can even incur fines or points on your driving license.

Can you drive with a nail in your tyre?

One of the most common causes of a flat or punctured tyre is a nail. Often, if a nail has pierced the rubber of your tyre, this can lead to a slow puncture - meaning that very small amounts of air escapes the tyre over a period of time. You may not notice that your tyre has been pierced with a nail for some time, but a decrease in tyre pressure will alert you to a problem, and likely warrant a replacement tyre.

In terms of driving with a nail in your tyre, you may be tempted to remove the nail - but it's actually best to leave it in place as it will act as a plug trapping most of the tyre pressure in. You can drive for short distances with a nail in your tyre, but continuing to drive as normal is not advised - as you should be looking to fix or replace this tyre as soon as possible. A nail left in a tyre can potentially cause a burst tyre which can be very dangerous. It can also do more damage to the tyre, which may be able to be saved by a simple and inexpensive procedure - but leaving it may worsen it further.

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