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Electric Car Maintenance

23rd November 2022

What is an electric vehicle? 

Also known as all-electric vehicles (EVs), electric cars run solely on battery power that charges from an electric charging point. Electric cars have an electric vehicle engine and use an electric motor powered by electricity from batteries or a fuel cell, differentiating them from conventional vehicles. 

What needs maintenance on an electric car? 

Unlike petrol or diesel cars, electric vehicles are cheaper to maintain as they have fewer moving parts. This means there is a lot less to wear out compared to the engine and gearbox of an internal combustion car. However, an EV still requires regular servicing to maintain its performance and prevents significant issues from happening in the long run. This includes: 

Electric motor 

These require little maintenance. We recommend that you follow the car manufacturers’ service schedule.  


Traction batteries in an EV are very robust. We recommend that you charge your battery according to the owner’s manual and make sure the battery does not completely run out.  


Although electric vehicles do not use oil, the coolant should still be checked periodically. Electric cars rely on coolant fluid to prevent the batteries from overheating. Adding and replacing the coolant is vital during maintenance. How often the coolant needs topping up varies from car to car, therefore we recommend that you check the owner’s manual for the correct level of coolant for your vehicle. 

Tyres & suspension 

Electric cars have certain tyres to cope with additional weight and more accelerating power. They also create less noise and have reduced rolling resistance. It is recommended to rotate your tyres according to the owner’s manual and keep tyre pressure topped up. When worn, the tyres will also require replacing.  


EVs use regenerative braking, meaning wear to brake pads and discs is dramatically reduced. The energy that is lost when the car slows down is converted back into stored energy in the battery. Making braking more efficient so there’s less wear and tear on your brake system. However, they will require replacing periodically along with brake fluid. 

Here at Merityre Specialists, our service branches have fully trained experts providing maintenance checks and services for electric vehicles. Simplylocate your nearest branchtoday and book in for your vehicle maintenance. You can read more about what’s included in our electric/hybrid servicing packages, or for more information, contact our helpful team today.