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Emergency breakdown kit

25th January 2022

Cold weather can seriously impact your car’s health, increasing your chances of a breakdown – while hot weather also poses its challenges, too! To prevent breaking down at any time of year, it’s important to stay prepared. Our helpful guide tells you exactly what you need to bring in your emergency road kit.

What to pack in your emergency breakdown kit

  • First aid kit: it is always handy to have a first aid kit in your car, as this can help alleviate stress in any minor emergency you may have on the road. A first aid kit should contain sterile cleansing wipes, plasters, dressings, scissors, gloves and a revive-aid resuscitation face shield. 
  • Ice scraper: this is a must-have in the winter and can even help you with legal requirements! It is stated by law that you must keep your windscreen clear of snow and ice before driving – so it’s handy to keep an ice scraper in your kit ahead of your return journey, as being stranded with a frosted windscreen would be anyone’s nightmare. 
  • High-visibility jacket: having a high-vis jacket is critical if you break down in the night – as you must be visible to other road users. This jacket could be potentially lifesaving and is a legal requirement in some European countries. 
  • Torch and spare batteries: similarly, a torch is vital in case of any emergency that occurs at night. Hopefully, you’ll then be able to see the repairs you are making. 
  • Warm clothes: as you can never predict how long you’ll be broken down for, warm clothes and blankets are essential parts of your preparation, as you may be waiting out in the cold.
  • Jumpstart cables: a flat car battery is more common than you may think, so having your jump-start cables will help you get back on the road in no time. 
  • Portable charger: in most cases, help is just a phone call away! Yet, there is nothing worse than a flat phone battery. Ensure a portable charger is with you at all times, so that you can call for help.
  • Sunglasses: lower winter sun can affect your visibility on the road, creating a glare on your windshield. Ensure you have a pair of glasses to hand to alleviate this.  

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