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Get set for Summer - Free motoring check!

17th July 2014

Merityre Specialist branches are helping the nation prepare for the summer break, with a FREE 8 point summer motoring check. Available at ALL our branches.

British families are due to rack up an estimated total of 15.7 billion miles in their own cars during the summer holidays this year. Meaning now is as good a time as any to give your car some TLC - as well as maximising safety for your family, maximise the efficiency and performance of your car and most importantly, maximise FUN!

Our professional teams at Merityre Specialist branches, will complete the FREE 8 point summer motoring check which includes the following:

  • Tyre tread depth - Don't risk nearing the minimum legal limit for tread depth. Tyre wear affects car performance and handling. Keep your precious cargo safe.
  • Tyre pressure check - Remember fully loaded cars [with luggage and kids in tow] require different tyre pressure to daily use. Tell our staff how full you expect your vehicle to be and they will ensure the tyre pressure is correct on all four tyres.
  • Tyre pressure monitor check - If your vehicle includes a TPMS, our staff will undertake an inspection to check the condition of the sensor-valve and the electronic system. Warning of an impending tyre problem could prove vital while driving around potentially unknown towns and destinations.
  • 4 Wheel alignment check - Computerised wheel alignment available at Merityre branches, will ensure you're not suffering from uneven tyre wear, reduced fuel efficiency or impaired handling on your travels, all of which could be due to misaligned wheels.
  • Brake check - Be 100% sure your brakes will be there for you when you need them. Brakes are particularly prone to wear and tear, so peace of mind is essential when making long journeys in the chaos of the British summer traffic.
  • Battery check - Car batteries have a lifespan of around 4 years. If yours is pushing this age or exceeding it, a battery check from the professionals can be extremely beneficial.
  • Exhaust system check - Ensure your emission levels are safe and your exhaust system isn?t suffering in silence with a thorough check from the professionals.
  • Screen wash top up - Last but not least, clear vision is imperative when travelling, avoid any mishaps from grimy motorways and the hot summer sun glare, with a guaranteed squeaky clean windscreen.

Just call into one of our centres and enquire about our FREE 8 point summer motoring check. No Booking required.

Find your local Merityre Specialists centre by clicking here. Feel free to stop off for a visit at a time that suits you and leave the hassle of pre-journey car checks to us!