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Goodyear Oxygene: The Tyre That Improves Air Quality

24th July 2018

The Oxygene is a concept tyre unveiled by Goodyear at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. This innovative design has been introduced as a visionary solution for cleaner and sustainable urban mobility.

This green tyre would actually even be green in colour, thanks to its design which features a sidewall filled with living moss. The idea is that the open tread design would absorb water from the surface of the road, which would be fed to the moss, enabling photosynthesis to occur, resulting in the release of oxygen in to the air to reduce pollution in urban areas.

The photosynthesis process will also enable the tyre to produce electricity to power gadgets embedded within the tyre. These electronic features include sensors, an artificial intelligence processing unit and a customisable light strip which senses upcoming manoeuvres and changes colour to give other vehicles and pedestrians extra indication.

Communication doesn’t end there, the Goodyear Oxygene uses a light communications system, playfully named LiFi, for high speed connectivity which enables vehicles to communicate as well as vehicle to infrastructure data exchange. Resulting in safer and more connected mobility.

Goodyear’s innovative concept tyre will also be an economical product, constructed from recycled tyres they will provide a long service life due to their lightweight structure designed to absorb shocks and resist puncture.

Sadly, the Goodyear Oxygene is only a concept for now, designed to challenge our thinking and drive the debate around future mobility.

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