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How early can you MOT a car?

20th February 2020

Time to book in the annual MOT test already? MOTs can often creep up on us just at the wrong time - more often than not coinciding with paying off the rest of that summer holiday or renewing your annual car insurance. Why not get ahead of the game this year by booking in your MOT early? Find out how early you can MOT your vehicle from our detailed guide.

When can I MOT my car?

An MOT on any vehicle is valid for one year. This means you have exactly one year from the initial test date to when your next MOT will be due. However, there is the option to MOT your car early.

Earliest date for MOT

The earliest date that you can MOT your vehicle is up to one month (minus a day) before the current MOT certificate expires. However, if you choose to renew early, your renewal date will still remain the same on your MOT certificate for next year.

If you want to renew your vehicle even earlier - i.e. more than one calendar month before - your MOT certificate will then be valid until 12 months from the new test date.

What if my MOT has expired?

If your MOT has run out, it is illegal to drive your vehicle. Being found doing so can result in a large fine, and potentially points on your license. There are only a few exceptions for driving your car with an expired MOT:

  • Driving to a pre-arranged MOT test
  • Driving to or from somewhere for your car to be repaired

Find out when your MOT is due now, or what is checked in an MOT from our helpful guide.

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