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How the new 'road resurfacing programme' aims to tackle potholes

28th December 2023

In November 2023, the Government announced an £8.3 billion investment into resurfacing more than 5,000 miles of road across the country for ‘smoother, safer and easier’ driving. But what exactly does this mean for motorists across the UK?  

What is the ‘road resurfacing programme’?

Late last year, the Transport Secretary announced an allocation of £8.3 billion, redirected from HS2 funding, into resurfacing over 5,000 miles of road across the UK. This is set to take place over the next 11 years in a bid to tackle the UK’s pothole issue.  

Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, stated –  

“This unprecedented £8.3 billion investment will pave the road for better and safer journeys for millions of people across the country and put an end to the blight of nuisance potholes.” 

How will the ‘road resurfacing programme’ work? 

Local highway authorities across the UK will receive a total of £150 million for 2024/2025, with the rest of the funding to be allocated through to 2034. Each local authority will be able to use its share of the funding to identify which local roads require the most work, to begin immediate improvements for local motorist, residents and the community overall.  

The funding will be divided as followed:  

  • North West, North East, Yorkshire and the Humber - £3.3 billion 
  • West Midlands and East Midlands - £2.2 billion 
  • East of England, South East, South West and London - £2.8 billion 

What does this mean for motorists?

According to the RAC, research indicates that road surfaces that are well-maintained could ‘save drivers up to £440 each year in expensive vehicle repairs from pothole damage’. Meaning motorists could avoid vehicle damage and premature wear and tear, to save money in the long-run.  

 As the ‘road resurfacing programme’ has begun, the benefits look to be a long-term solution. As an immediate preventative, regular car servicing can ensure your vehicle is working accordingly by undergoing checks to identify any issues before they become a serious problem. Simply locate your local Merityre Specialists or contact a member of our expert team today