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How to check car service history

16th April 2020

Misplaced your service logbook? Or perhaps you’ve purchased a vehicle that didn’t come with a full-service history? There are multiple ways to check your car service history without a logbook, meaning you can learn when your car service is due and also view all your historical vehicle maintenance. Learn how to check car service history today.

What is car service history?

A vehicle’s full-service history refers to a record of the repair and maintenance work that has been undertaken on that vehicle throughout its lifetime. A service history check provides evidence and documentation of what work was completed and when.

Being in possession of a full car service history record shows responsibility as a driver. It’s recommended to have your car serviced every year, so having a full record of these services will not only provide any future buyers with the documentation they need, but it can also increase the value of a sale by as much as 10% compared to a seller who does not have their car service records. Find out more about what’s included in a car service from our detailed guide.

Car service history check

Whether you’re checking a car’s service history to find out when the next service is due or you’re looking to understand the vehicle’s past faults, there are multiple ways to do this.

  • Logbook – the simplest way to check car service history is by checking the logbook. All servicing maintenance and repair work will be logged in this book, which you can refer to at any time.
  • Garage – however, you may have misplaced your logbook or bought a vehicle which does not have one. In this instance, it would be wise to contact the garage which conducted the car’s service checks in the past. Most garages have computerised files which will allow you to get your hands on this information.
  • Manufacturer – if you are unaware of which garage serviced your vehicle previously, you can also get in touch with the vehicle manufacturer. If you supply them with your VIN number (usually located on the car’s door frame, or in the engine compartment), they will then be able to tell you which dealer supplied the vehicle, who you can then approach for any missing information.
  • MOT data – it may be that as well as missing service information, you’re also missing your vehicle MOT data, too. You can check your MOT history from GOV.uk by entering in the vehicle’s registration number. As well as your MOT history, you can find out when your car tax is due, the year of manufacture of your vehicle and more.

Now you’ve learnt how to check car service history, book in for your own car service online today. Locate your nearest Merityre Specialists, or get in touch with a member of our expert team for more help or information about checking your car service history.