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How to check MOT history

18th March 2020

Checking MOT history is an easy process that people are often unaware of. Simply go to the GOV.uk website - this is a free to use database which will prompt you to enter your vehicle registration number. Once this is confirmed, you will be able to access your vehicle's entire MOT history.

Checking car MOT history is important for many reasons - such as when you want to find out when your MOT is due, or if you're looking to purchase a new vehicle. MOT history is likely to contain information around how well the vehicle has been kept and maintained, and advises you of any serious faults that the vehicle has endured.

What can I find out from my vehicle MOT history?

There are many elements of the MOT test history that you can find out from the GOV.uk website. Some of these include:

  • MOT expiry date - this will tell you the date of your last MOT and the date that your MOT certificate expires.
  • MOT certificate - to access your MOT certificate, you will need to input your V5C number (11 digits which are found in your vehicle logbook)
  • Pass/fail rate - this will highlight if your vehicle has passed or failed previous MOT tests.
  • Test dates - this shows both the Passed and Failed dates of your vehicle's previous tests.
  • Test location - by entering your V5C number, you can also see the test location of your previous MOTs.
  • MOT test number - a 12-digit reference number per every MOT test.
  • General MOT information - you will also be able to view general information around defects and advisories. For example, your vehicle may have passed its last MOT test, but could have had the advisory that the front brake pads are wearing thin - which would be highlighted in this section of your vehicle MOT history.
  • Vehicle mileage - you can also find out your mileage history, which is recorded at the time the MOT takes place.
  • Vehicle recalls - there is also a section which will highlight to you whether there are any outstanding safety recalls on the vehicle.

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