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How to demist your windscreen

24th May 2022

Demisting your windscreen is essential for you, as a driver, to have a clear vision of the roads. Keeping your windscreen misty could potentially cause you to break the law – as it impedes your visibility on the roads.

Demisting your windscreen doesn’t have to be a lengthy process either - our helpful guide will show you how to demist your windscreen in a few quick  steps.

Why do windscreens get misty?

The reason windscreens get misty or fog up is due to the water vapour in the atmosphere – this increases due to body heat released in your car. When this moisture is present in the air, it comes into contact with your windscreen and creates mist.

So, how do we demist the windscreen?

  • Use the air con – the air con will help keep the inside air dry and prevent your windscreen from misting up when driving.
  • Utilise the heater – this is perhaps the quickest way to get your windscreen to demist. Ensure the heater’s blast is directed towards the windscreen for best effect. Once the windscreen has demisted, try and find a temperature that is both comfortable and doesn’t mist up your car.
  • Use your climate control system – many cars have a climate control system specifically designed to control the humidity within your car.
  • Open the windows – if your car doesn’t have a climate control system or air-con, opening the windows can help dry, cold air from outside to reduce the amount of water vapour inside the car, stopping the windscreen from misting up.
    Keep your windscreen clean – ensuring your windscreen is clean is a great way to prevent it from misting.

How to prevent misting

  • Windscreen shields –  can be useful for both summer and winter, whether that be reflecting the sun’s rays or preventing your car's glass from fogging.
  • Dehumidifier box –  a dehumidifier box can help absorb the moisture in the air before it reaches your windscreen, causing any windscreen misting to happen much slower.
  • Clean windows – are less likely to mist up when they are clean; this refers to both the outdoor and indoor windows. Using a shaving foam creates suds which, when then cleaned off correctly and leaves a protective layer
    If you are having issues with your windscreen misting more often than usual, this could indicate a problem with your heater or air-con. Pop into one of your local Merityre garages, or contact our helpful team for more information.