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How to prevent tyre damage

26th October 2022

There are plenty of causes that can affect the condition of your tyres. Our number one piece of advice is to inspect your tyres regularly, as a small problem can evolve into major damage easily without intervention. Our guide will tell you what to look out for when you’re checking your tyres to prevent major damage before it happens, as well as common causes of damage and how to prevent them. And remember, we offer free tyre inspections here at Merityre.

What to look out for when checking your tyres

A good visual check of your tyres can sometimes be the difference between a small easily repaired problem and a complete blowout. The main problems to look out for include:

  • Lumps and bumps – this can be caused by air leaking from inside the tyre into the sidewall. If you notice lumps or bumps, it’s important to visit a tyre specialist as soon as possible, as if left untreated it can cause a blowout.
  • Cuts and tears – cuts and tears can be caused by driving over sharp objects on the road. Sometimes this can be repaired by a tyre specialist. However, if you can see cords through the tyre, this is a sign that the internal structure could be compromised making it too dangerous to drive with.
  • Debris and punctures – debris can find its way into your tyre walls and cause punctures.
  • Abnormal tread wear – uneven tread wear can be a warning sign of multiple problems such as wheel alignment, braking or suspension. It could also mean your tyre pressure is at the incorrect level. To find out what the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle, you can find these in your vehicle handbook or in the inside door.
  • Cracked tyres – this could be caused by aged tyres and cracks should be assessed by a tyre specialist to see if you need new tyres.

Common causes of damage

We’ve listed the most common causes of damaged tyres so that you can make sure to avoid them. Some of these causes can include:

  • Mounting the kerb – mounting or scraping against the kerb is the number one culprit of tyre damage. It’s easy to hit the kerb when attempting to parallel park, we’ve all done it! .
  • Potholes – potholes are another major cause of damage, and although it might be difficult to avoid them completely, trying to avoid them can minimise the risk of damaging your tyres and other parts of your car.
  • Incorrect tyre pressure – your tyre pressure can affect the condition of your tyres, causing uneven tyre wear and risk the chances of sidewall damage. Check your owner’s manual to find the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle
  • Debris – sharp stones and debris can cause punctures. And, while it might be impossible to avoid debris all the time, you should try to avoid debris when you can. If you find debris stuck in your tyres, removing the debris with pliers can stop the object from embedding too far into the tyres and causing a puncture.
  • Spilled oil – If you end up with oil on your tyres it’s important to try and clean this off as soon as possible. This is because oil can soften the rubber on your tyres which can lead to damaged sidewalls.

If you have any concerns about the condition of your tyres find your nearest Merityre centre today and book your car in for a free tyre check.