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How to prevent your catalytic converter from theft

8th February 2024

In recent years, catalytic converter theft has been increasing in the United Kingdom. According to ADT’s Car Thefts Index 2023, London had the highest number of catalytic converter thefts with under 19,500 thefts reported between 2021 and 2023. As catalytic converters are made from rare metals, thieves can sell them for a lot of money. 

Find out more about how to prevent your catalytic converter from theft in our helpful guide. 

How do catalytic converters get stolen? 

One of the most visible parts on any vehicle is a catalytic converter, which makes it vulnerable to theft from thieves. Some catalytic converters can be removed with a battery-powered handheld circular saw. Alternatively, thieves may use a car jack and an angle grinder or power saw to remove it from the exhaust. 

Why are catalytic converters being stolen? 

The main reason why catalytic converter theft has increased is the market for precious metals has soared over the past few years. Platinum, rhodium, and palladium are metals that are regularly used in catalytic converters. Thieves are stripping the catalytic converters down and selling the metals via the black market.  

Which vehicles are being targeted for catalytic converter theft? 

All modern cars are vulnerable to catalytic converter theft, but hybrid vehicles are targeted most frequently by thieves. Toyota and Lexus models have the highest number of catalytic converter thefts. 

What should I do if my vehicle’s catalytic converter is stolen? 

You should immediately phone the police on their non-emergency number 101 if your vehicle’s catalytic converter has been stolen. If you see a thief steal your catalytic converter, dial 999.  

Make sure you keep a log of any relevant information, such as the location, date, and time of when the catalytic converter theft happened and report it to your insurer. Once you’ve done this, try to get it replaced quickly as it’s illegal in the UK to drive a vehicle without a catalytic converter. 

How can you prevent theft of your catalytic converter? 

It can take less than a minute for a thief to steal a catalytic converter. Some of the ways that you can avoid it from being stolen may include: 

  • Parking in a secure location, such as a garage or a road with CCTV cameras. 
  • Avoid parking with half your vehicle on the pavement. 
  • Buying a cage clamp. 
  • Research and find anti-theft products for your catalytic converter – this could include locking mechanisms and approved guards. 

Using the tips outlined in this guide will ensure that any theft of your catalytic converter is mitigated. If your vehicle’s catalytic converter needs replacing or has been recently stolen, our friendly team is here to get you back on the road quickly. For more information about our exhaust and catalytic converters, visit your local Merityre branch today.