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How to recycle old tyres

3rd May 2022

Old tyres don’t have to be a nuisance - there are plenty of ways you can recycle or upcycle your old tyres! Usually, when you get new tyres fitted, the garage where you had them fitted will normally dispose of the old tyres for you. Alternatively, if you change them at home, you can take your tyres to your local recycling centre or a tyre company.

However, some people prefer to reuse their tyres by upcycling them. Did you know, old tyres can be turned into furniture or other handy equipment?

How are old tyres recycled?

Garages tyres are recycled in various ways:

  • They can be re-used to create new tyres
  • Rubber can be broken down and reconstructed for new materials for civil engineering, bridge fountains and more
  • Tyres can be used to produce energy for manufacturing processes
  • They can be turned into ‘crumb rubber’ - this is used for playground flooring, carpet underlay, speed bumps and more

DIY recycling tyres ideas

Garden chairs

With warmer months approaching, the new garden furniture will come in handy. Tyre garden chairs look pretty unique and will last a lifetime! All you need is a lick of paint and a large plush cushion for the inside of the tyre, and you’re good to go!

Cosy dog beds

This is perhaps the most cost-effective way to recycle your tyres, and your pets will love it too! You can cover the outer tyre with twine for a more traditional pet bed look, or leave it as a tyre for a quirky interior design. All you need to do is chuck in a few pillows and blankets in the centre of the tyre to create a cost pet haven.

Hanging tyre planter

One of the most popular ways to recycle a tyre is by using it as a hanging tyre planter – by attaching a tyre to the wall, you can fill the sidewalls with compost and flowers to make a super creative garden piece. You can further decorate this planter with paint or other materials.

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