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How to reduce fuel waste

17th May 2022

With fuel prices on the rise, being effective with using your petrol is seemingly more important. In our helpful guide, we will be discussing the small changes you can make to alleviate these extra costs, so hopefully, you can save more money in the long run.

How can I make my fuel last longer?

Car maintenance tips

  • Don’t overload your car – having excess weight in your car can cause an increase in fuel consumption. It’s a good habit to check what’s in your boot once in a while and see if you can take a few things out.
  • Ensure tyres are correctly inflated – having your tyres overinflated increases your rolling resistance which negatively impacts your fuel consumption. Similarly, if your tyres are underinflated you will need more fuel also. Learn more about what pressure your tyres should be.
  • Keep your car in tip top condition regularly servicing your car will save you more money on fuel, as your car will be running at maximum efficiently.

Driving habits

  • Drive with the AC on – contrary to popular belief, your air conditioning uses less fuel than having your windows down. Open windows increase wind resistance, leading to drag, which requires more fuel to propel the vehicle forwards.
  • Reduce speeding – you’ve guessed it, that pesky wind resistance will help your car burn more fuel when you’re speeding. It’s best to stay within the limit for both fuel and safety.
  • Avoid aggressive braking – accelerating and braking harshly eats into your fuel and is also quite dangerous.
  • Don’t rev the engine – avoid revving your accelerator to a high revolution per minute (RPM). Gentle acceleration is better for fuel economy, as your engine uses less fuel when it is rotating slower, at a lower RPM.
  • Rethink your rush-hour route – stop and start traffic will put a lot of pressure on your engine. Try driving home during less busy periods to save fuel if possible.
  • Don’t leave the engine running – if you are waiting in the car, even if it’s for five minutes, turn the engine off – you are wasting precious fuel!

Want to ensure your car is running super efficiently so you can save maximum fuel? Pop into your local Merityre garage to have your vehicle serviced.

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