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How to tell if you need a new clutch

20th February 2020

Think your vehicle might be experiencing clutch slipping symptoms? Perhaps you've noticed your pedals sticking or your vehicle is making some unwanted groans and grumbles? It's best to get things like this checked as soon as possible. To help diagnose the problem at home, learn more about how to tell if your clutch is going from our detailed guide.

How does a clutch work?

First, it's important to understand exactly how a clutch works. The clutch on a vehicle is designed to separate the engine from the wheels, which allows the driver to change gear, brake and stop while your engine is still running.

The clutch is broken down into three components - the clutch plate, the pressure plate and the flywheel. Having a working clutch on your vehicle is integral to the overall performance and safety, and without it, you would not be able to drive your car. Consequently, f your clutch needs replacing, this can cause a lot of other problems for driving.

Slipping clutch symptoms

Next, it's wise to understand how to recognise clutch slipping symptoms on your vehicle. This can include a variety of things, but the most common signs of clutches going are:

  • Gears - you may experience difficulty changing gears if your clutch is slipping.
  • Pedals - if your clutch is going, you may find your pedal stick, vibrate or appear to feel loose and spongey.
  • Acceleration - poor acceleration is a common sign of clutches slipping, whilst still having the ability to rev your engine. You may also experience momentary loss of acceleration caused by the feeling of a 'slipping' clutch.

But what causes clutch slipping, and how can we avoid it?

  • Quality of vehicle - this refers to how old your vehicle is, how many miles it has driven and the quality of the car itself.
  • Quality of driving - driving your car in a certain way can also cause your clutch to slip. For example, excessive use of the clutch, can lead to wearing the clutch down over time.
  • Quality of maintenance - taking care of your vehicle is important when maintaining the clutch. Regular car servicing and checks will ensure your clutch is working effectively for your vehicle.

Are you experiencing slipping clutch symptoms? Or perhaps you want to know more information on how to tell if you need a new clutch? Get in touch with a member of our helpful team today. Alternatively, locate your nearest Merityre Specialist branch.