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How to tell the age of a tyre

17th November 2021

Knowing the age of your tyres is important, not only for the performance of your car, but also for your own general safety on the roads. Generally, a tyre can be considered ‘new’ up to five years from the date of production and tyres don’t generally have an expiration date. Typically, tyres can last from around 7-10 years, however, you may find that your tyres age prematurely due to environmental factors. In our helpful guide, we discuss how you can tell the age of your tyre, as well as the key signs of ageing.

Tyre age

The tyre date code is imprinted on the sidewall of your tyre, and tells you the date they were manufactured:

  • The first two digits: represent the week of production.
  • The second two digits: tells you the year the tyre was manufactured.

For instance, if your tyre date code is showing the numbers ‘2519,’ this means your tyres were made in the 25th week of 2019. Though your tyres may be relatively young, they could still show signs of wear and tear, and therefore need replacing sooner. A few signs of tyre ageing include:

  •  Tyre cracking: you may notice cracks in the sidewalls of your tyre - this is due to exposure to oils, heat and general environmental factors.
  •  Vibrations in the tyre: this could indicate that either your wheels are misaligned, or may be potentially unbalanced.
  •  Frequent air pressure issues: this could be the result of a leak in the tyres or a slow puncture, and should be seen to as soon as possible by your local garage.

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